How to Clean Camera Lens –
How to Clean Camera Lens –

How to Clean Camera Lens –

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Notepanda.comHow to Clean Camera Lens. Camera lenses get dirty easily, from fingerprints, dust and other particles, but cleaning your lens is important for clear images.

Your primary cleaning tools are a lens blower, a camel bristle brush for lenses, pre-moistened lens tissue, and lens spray used with a microfiber cloth.

Blowing and brushing should always be your first choice, as it is better to keep contact with the lenses to a minimum.

How to Clean Camera Lens

Buy a camera lens blower. Go to a camera or electronics store or order a blower online. A small lens blower, a rubber squeeze blower, that shoots a gust of air at the lens. Giottos is a commonly purchased brand, but other brands also manufacture lens blowers.

  • It may seem like a waste of money when you can blow the lens with your mouth. Experts specifically recommend not blowing on the lens as you will often blow saliva onto the lens making it dirtier than before.
  • Do not use compressed air, which can harm your camera lens. Manual blower is the safest cleaning option for your camera lens

Squeeze the blower from the lens several times. Each time you use a lens blower, take a few puffs of air before you apply it to the lens. If you don’t do this, you may blow more dust into the lens.

Use a blower to blow air over the entire surface of the lens. Position the blower as close to the lens as possible so that you do not blow contaminants from the air into the lens.

Hold the tip slightly angled to the lens. Squeeze several puffs into the lens, directing each puff to a different part of the lens.

  • Hold the blow point in the center of the lens and tilt it slightly towards the outside of the lens.

Store the blower in a sealed bag. When finished using the blower, put it in a plastic bag for storage.

Close the plastic bag and store with the remaining camera cleaning supplies in the camera bag.

It’s important to store them in a sealed plastic bag, as any type of cloth bag will allow dust to filter through the fabric and enter the blower.

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