How to Delete Fund Accounts on Tiktok Ori & Tiktok Lite Easily
How to Delete Fund Accounts on Tiktok Ori & Tiktok Lite Easily

How to Delete Fund Accounts on Tiktok Ori & Tiktok Lite Easily

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How To Delete Fund Account On Tiktok – It is common knowledge that the Tiktok application often holds events with prizes.

In addition to being able to watch various interesting videos that are useful in this application, users can also make money.

Tiktok is one of the social media applications that can be used as a means to make money such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and others.

There are many ways that can be done to make money through Tiktok either with capital or without capital.

many para online store also those who do promotions through Tiktok or use Tiktok Ads services.

Based on review almost all of them said that promoting products on Tiktok really had a big effect on business progress.

The easiest way to earn money in the Tiktok application is to participate in events that are held regularly.

Participating in events held by the Tiktok application is the easiest way and without having to spend capital.

Usually at every event held by Tiktok, they always provide a mission or task that can be done by its users.

And users who take part in this event do not need to spend any capital to participate in this event.

This event held by Tiktok usually lasts for a while and has a time limit.

Well, now Tiktok is again holding an event with prizes that users can participate in to make hundreds to millions of rupiah.

The task that must be done to participate in this event is still the same as before, namely by inviting friends.

You can earn money by inviting as many friends as possible and later the money can be withdrawn via DANA

Besides being able to enter your DANA account into Tiktok, you can also delete or replace it with another account.

For those of you who don’t know how to delete a DANA account on Tiktok, we will share the information.

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How to Delete DANA Account on Tiktok

How to Delete DANA Account on Tiktok

When you succeed in doing the mission in the Tiktok event well because you have invited many friends.

Then you will get a prize in the form of money which can later be withdrawn through an account or FUND.

If you have previously linked your DANA account to the Tiktok application, the money can be automatically disbursed without the need to re-enter the account.

However, if you want to delete your DANA account from the Tiktok application then it is very easy.

Usually this is done if the user wants to change the payment method or the DANA account from which to withdraw money.

If you don’t know how to delete a DANA account from the Tiktok application, see the explanation below.

  • The first step is “Open the Tiktok app” which is already in your cellphone then “click Profile”.
  • Then “select RP button” golden color which is a sign that the event is still ongoing on Tiktok.
  • After that click “Withdraw Money” and select the nominal money withdrawal and after that click “Withdraw Balance”.
  • If you have made withdrawals via DANA, the following withdrawals will automatically remain through DANA.
  • Then “click the DANA payment method” and select the setting symbol.
  • After that, click the DANA account you want to delete and select “Delete and Add New Account”.
  • Then select “Okay” and click the button “Done”. To ensure that the DANA account has been properly deleted, you need a new account.
  • The way to enter a new DANA account is to click “Connect DANA Account” then enter the phone number and click continue”.
  • Then “enter DANA pin” new account then click “Carry on” and the old account has been replaced.
  • Done, your old DANA account has been deleted and has been replaced with a new one.

Well, that’s the way to delete a DANA account on Tiktok or replace it with a new one as another method of withdrawing money.

Is it possible to delete a DANA account on Tiktok?

Can the DANA account on Tiktok be deleted?

As explained in the previous discussion, users can delete DANA accounts that are already linked on Tiktok.

But users cannot simply delete old accounts permanently without replacing them with new ones.

Therefore, if you want to delete the old DANA account, make sure that you already have a new account.

Usually this DANA account is used as a withdrawal method to withdraw money that has been collected from an event.

Or if there is no event, users can still get prizes from the results of doing live broadcasts.

When you do a live broadcast in the Tiktok application and there are viewers who give gifts in the form of stickers or the like.

Later you can exchange the gift into money and can be disbursed through your DANA account.

The existence of DANA can help many users who do not have a bank account or other digital wallet.

In addition, DANA can also be used for almost all application withdrawal methods that can make money.

So, the conclusion is that users can delete the old DANA account if they replace it with a new one.

How To Earn Money On Tiktok

How to Join events on Tiktok

One way that all new and old Tiktok users can follow to make money is by participating in events.

The only requirement that must be met is that the user must be over 18 years of age to participate in this event.

The income that can be obtained from participating in this Tiktok event is quite a lot, some can even reach millions of rupiah.

It all depends on the user’s success in carrying out the missions given by Tiktok.

The mission that can be done at the event that is being held is to invite friends to use the Tiktok application.

You can share the invitation code with friends or you can share it through other social media that you have.

New users usually get more benefits because they can enter an invitation code.

If you want to get Rp. 286,000 when you first download it, enter the invitation code “F74GHWF5JPYWQ” the.

You can get bonus prizes of up to millions of rupiah if you are diligent in opening the Tiktok application and inviting other friends.

The mission in the Tiktok application only requires users to invite as many friends as possible so they can get a lot of money.

There are no other missions that can be done unless you are a new user which is to enter the invitation code that we mentioned earlier.

Well, that’s the way to get money from the Tiktok application through events organized by Tiktok.

If you haven’t participated in the event held by Tiktok, then you can still participate because there is still a long time.

Come on, immediately follow this event from Tiktok so you can get money up to millions of rupiah just by inviting friends.


That’s the discussion this time about how to permanently delete a DANA account on Tiktok.

Apart from using DANA, you can choose other methods as a way to withdraw the money that has been collected in the Tiktok application.

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We hope that the explanation we have provided in the article can help you find a solution and can be useful.

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