How to Flash OPPO A3s via QFIL and SD Card without a PC
How to Flash OPPO A3s via QFIL and SD Card without a PC

How to Flash OPPO A3s via QFIL and SD Card without a PC

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Problems that are often experienced by HP OPPO A3s users are usually Forgot Pattern, Bootloop, slow, etc. Usually it happens because of an application installed on your OPPO A3s cellphone, of course this will disturb your comfort in using the OPPO A3s, the thing you need to do is flash the OPPO A3s that you have.

One of the efforts you can do is to refresh and reset either a pattern, pin or uninstall the application. If in the old version, how to open a forgotten pattern and botloop, it’s very easy just by resetting the phone.

But at this time you have to do Hard Reset factory settings first to solve it. So what should be done? The trick is to re-flash the OPPO A3s cellphone through the methods we recommend below.

For that, for those of you who have an OPPO A3s cellphone and are having problems, you are in the right article. Because we will provide a tutorial on how to Flash OPPO A3s easily without being complicated. Read on to review the following article.

The reason why the OPPO A3s must be flashed

Flash OPPO A3s

Flashing is one of the methods used to install firmware on a computer Smartphone. Usually the flashing method is used when you want to repair Smartphone are experiencing system errors, such as:

  • Often exits itself when opening the app.
  • HP is often slow.
  • HP likes to hang.
  • Forgot pattern and password.
  • Bootloop.
  • Totally dead.
  • Update or down the operating system.

If the Oppo A3S cellphone that you are using is experiencing the problems mentioned above, then the best solution is to flash it. The flashing process that you do at home by following the steps below:

Flashdisk Oppo A3S CPH1853 Expensive via QFIL

Flash OPPO A3s

QFIL is one of the most suitable software for you to use to run the flashing process on cellphone firmware that uses a Qualcomm chipset. Before you start the flash process on your cellphone, first you have to prepare some equipment and files as follows:

  1. USB cable.
  2. Computer or laptop with Windows operating system.
  3. Some files that must be downloaded, such as; Qualcom driver, QPST/QFIL, Firmware Oppo A3S (CPH1803) and Firmware Download A3s (CPH1853).

After the tools and files that you have used, now just enter the flashing stage. Make sure you do the steps below correctly, as follows:

  1. Extract the file that you downloaded earlier.
  2. Then put it in a folder so it’s easy to find.
  3. Install the Qualcomm Usb Driver system on the device you are using.
  4. Install QPST/KEY.
  5. If so, you can immediately open and run QFIL.
  6. Open QFIL via directory:
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Qualcomm\QPST\bin\QFIL.exe for 64 Bit Windows users.
  • C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\QPST\bin\QFIL.exe for 32 Bit Windows users.
  1. After the QFIL that you downloaded is open, pay attention to the Select option Build Typethen click option Two-dimentional figure.
  2. If you have, click Explore what’s on the menu Choose Programmerthen look for a file named prog_emmc_firehouse_89XX.mbn which is in the extracted Oppo A3S firmware folder.
  3. Then click Load XMLthen select file Rawprogram_unsparse.xml and Patch0.xml.
  4. Next click Open.
  5. Turn off your Oppo A3S, then connect it to the computer using the USB cable that you have provided.
  6. If the Oppo A3S has been detected, then next please click download which is in QFIL.
  7. Wait until the flashing process runs automatically.
  8. If the process is successful, it will be marked with the appearance of writing Download Successful.
  9. If the text above appears, now the USB cable can be unplugged and turn on your cellphone again.

You need to remember that the booting process in flash will take longer than usual flashing. So don’t worry about your cellphone, because it’s not a bootloop.

How to Flash Oppo A3S Without PC via SD Card

Flash OPPO A3s

If you think that the method above is quite complicated or you don’t have a computer to flash, there is another way you can use, namely flashing the Oppo A3S through Recovery Mode.

This method does not require a computer or laptop, but requires a Memory Card instead. Enough to prepare an SD Card with a minimum capacity of 8 Gb. Next, just follow the flashing guide below:

  1. First, please download the Oppo Firmware File.
  2. Then move the firmware file to the SD Card that you have prepared.
  3. Turn off your favorite Oppo A3S cellphone.
  4. Then attach the SD Card which contains the Firmware file that you have downloaded.
  5. Then enter Recovery mode by just pressing Power Button + Volume Down simultaneously for a few seconds.
  6. Now, when you enter the initial page of Recovery mode, now you just have to select English (English).
  7. Then enter the menu Install From SD or Storage toolthen navigate to the firmware file that is on the SD Card on your cellphone.
  8. Select the Zip file then click OK, then the flashing process will start automatically. just wait for it to finish.
  9. If it appears Updating Successfulthe sign that the flashing process has been successful.
  10. Next press return to return to the initial menu of Recovery mode.
  11. Finally, all you have to do is restart by selecting the option Reboot.

This process will usually take longer than the previous time. After the Oppo A3S has turned on again, you must immediately apply the initial settings like when you first bought and turned on a new cellphone.


Thus this article discusses how to Flash OPPO A3s. You can choose between the two methods above which one you think is easiest for you to try.

Hopefully the information we provide can be useful for all of you, until we meet again and thank you.

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