How to Make Cyberpunk Night Photos on Xiaomi Android

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Want to take a night photo cyberpunk like in the movies? It’s very easy, you only need a Xioami Android smartphone, for more details, let’s see the following steps

Editing photo

Editing photos nowadays is not a difficult job, almost anyone can make or edit photos to be interesting with the sophistication of technology. only with smartphone only you can turn ordinary photos into classy photos like editor professional. The basic thing is the amount platform social media to share uploaded photos or works edit our. Not infrequently today we can also earn income through selling photos on the Internet.

Photography Style

Style photography today is even more diverse. And appear styles new among photographer and also editor. One of which is style or style cyberpunk. Style photography this one is still the mainstay of many people to produce interesting photos.


Style Cyberpunk himself more or less get the idea or inspiration from the film knife runner where cyberpunk itself combines culture punk and also hacker.

For style photography himself, style cyberpunk This results in a photo with a bright color with red and purplish blue being dominant.

Cyberpunk by Xiaomi

Well, if you are a Xiaomi phone user, there’s no harm in trying the style photography this one. Because with smartphone Xiaomi you do not need to use additional applications or editor another. Because everything is embedded directly in the cellphone.

How to Make Cyberpunk Night Photos on Xiaomi

1. Open the gallery app original on your respective Xiaomi phones. Next tap the editor icon the photo in the bottom bar. Knock Can not Car to increase the brightness of the past photo tap icon Strain.

How to Make Cyberpunk Night Photos on Xiaomi 1

2. Swipe until you find the night filter or Evening. Direct vote Strain Cyberpunkif you haven’t downloaded the filter, please download it first. Tap the slider what’s in the filter Cyberpunk to adjust the filter sharpness.

How to Make Cyberpunk Night Photos on Xiaomi 2

3. Swipe – slide slider to adjust the sharpness of the filter you are currently using. Next knock Can not editor AI.

How to Make Cyberpunk Night Photos on Xiaomi 3

4. To make it more interesting knock Can not Framethen knock the size you will use. Use slider to me Resize photo size.

How to Make Cyberpunk Night Photos on Xiaomi 4


Do you know now? How to make a stylish photo cyberpunk on xiaomi phones? This effect is very suitable when combined with night photos. So your night photos that are quite dark will be more lit.

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