How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account
How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

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How to Delete Fb Account Forever. Forgot your facebook email but remember the password? Deleting your Facebook account can be the solution, so that later you can create a new account using the old email. To be able to permanently delete your Facebook account, you can listen to the following review.

Although there are many ways to recover a Facebook account that has forgotten the password, but if you forget your email or cellphone number when the old account list is no longer active, the only way is to delete your old Facebook account.

This is to avoid double facebook accounts or want to register a new fb account using the same email. How to delete your old facebook, fb account can now be done yourself quickly via cellphone. And you don’t need to log in first to the fb account that forgot the email, because Facebook has provided a link to delete the fb account and it can be done without logging in.

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But you need to know that there is a clear difference between deleting a temporary and permanent account on Facebook. To temporarily delete it is actually more correct to say deactivate the fb account, because disabling it is temporary while delete means permanent.

Permanently Delete Facebook Account

So if you want to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account, so that it can be reactivated later, we will also provide tips below.

How to permanently delete a fb account

Attention: before permanently deleting your fb account, not because you forgot your email, meaning you can still login with a password or password. So we recommend backing up Facebook account information data. Because of course the weakness of permanently deleting your account will also eliminate many things such as friends on Facebook.

How to back up your facebook account data:

  1. Login to Facebook account, go to Facebook settings
  2. Select the General menu, click on the words “Download a copy of your Facebook data” position at the bottom of the information.
  3. After the Download My Information pop up appears, click “Start My Archive”

However, if you have forgotten your Facebook email list, you can follow the steps below:

  • First open a browser, then visit the following link to delete fb account: Link Delete Facebook Account
  • Once open, delete facebook link, the display will appear as shown below.

how to delete facebook account permanently

  • If you are already on the Delete My Account page, click the “Delete My Account” button
  • Type the fb account password that you want to delete, then enter the required captcha, then select OK.

how to delete fb account fast

  • Finally, a confirmation pop up will appear to Delete Fb Account Forever, Click OK.

how to delete facebook account

Notes: Even if your fb account has been permanently deleted using the above method, Facebook still gives you up to 14 days before deleting your account forever.

So if you change your mind and intend to cancel the deletion of your fb account, for not more than 14 days, the facebook account that you deleted can still be recovered (restored).

How to Temporarily Delete a Facebook Account

To temporarily delete or more accurately call it temporarily deactivate the fb account, the method is as follows:

  • First of all login to facebook account, login and select Settings.
  • On the Account General Settings menu. Click Edit in the Manage Account column menu.
  • Then select Deactivate your account.

how to delete facebook account temporarily

  • Finally, before confirming Facebook will provide a form for deactivating the account, please fill it out and select Close.
  • Confirm deactivation by clicking “deactivate now”

This is how to delete a facebook account temporarily (deactivate) or permanently. So you can easily do it. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.

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