How to Register for Shopee Food and Use the Shopee Partner App
How to Register for Shopee Food and Use the Shopee Partner App

How to Register for Shopee Food and Use the Shopee Partner App

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My Financial Friend, interested Shopee list Food to market your product through your smartphone?

Very fitting, because this article will discuss how to complete the list. Listen carefully, Yes!


  • Shopee Service Food can be used by food businesses as a new space to increase product sales.
  • There are a number of requirements to register on Shopee Food, so that later businessmen can expand the marketing of the products they sell

It’s Easy to Market Food Products Through Applications

Culinary is one of the businesses that seems to be no there is death.

However, foresight to see opportunities must be improved because of the large number of competitors.

Not, In this sophisticated era, culinary business owners can take advantage of the system on line to market their food products.

One with a list Shopee Food.

In addition to making it easier for users, Shopee services Food has the potential to provide more profits for businesses due to increased sales.

But it should be noted, when the number of profits increases, we should be able to avoid being impulsive and immediately do good financial planning for business people. The method?

My finances have summed it up in ebook The Importance of Managing Personal and Business Finances.

Shopee Registration Terms Food

Same as marketits, Shopee delivery service Food also liked by users.

Here are the requirements needed to register Shopee Food:

#1 General Requirements

These are the general conditions that must be met for Shopee list Food:

  • Valid Identity Card
  • Photo of the front page of an active passbook
  • Registration form trader. You can download the Shopee registration form Food by
  • Letter of agreement. You can download the letter at
  • Information sheet trader. You can download this document at

#2 Special Requirements for Individual Business

Here are the Shopee registration requirements Food for individuals:

  • Photo of the front page of the passbook
  • Five popular menu photos with 720 x 720 pixels resolution in clear JPG/JPEG/PNG format

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#3 Special Requirements for Legal Entity

The following are the requirements that must be met for this type of business as a legal entity:

  • Domicile Certificate (if the location is outside Jakarta)
  • Photo of the front page of the passbook
  • Five popular menu photos with 720 x 720 pixels resolution in clear JPG/JPEG/PNG format

How to Register Shopee Food for Trader

Check out the following steps on how to register Shopee Food for trader:

  • Fill in the form for candidates trader Shopee Food. You can find the form on the page.
  • Prepare the required files. Make sure you have checked its correctness.
  • Submit the form you have filled out. Later, the Shopee team will contact you via email or phone 3 x 24 hours since the file was sent.
  • Next, the Shopee team will confirm the completeness of your file.
  • If they ask for additional documents, please complete the requested documents and send them back via email.
  • Shopee will continue the registration if the documents you attach are correct.

The process for this stage can take up to 20 days.

  • Check email periodically to view registration status.

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How to Use the Shopee App Partner for Trader

After successfully registering Shopee Foodnow you need to know how to use the app Shopee Partner for trader:

  • Lorigin with username and password.
  • On the Orders page, select In Progress to view orders that are running.

Orders are sorted by the time the order was received.

  • If the driver partner arrives at your booth, please match the order number on your device with the driver’s device.

If the same, you can start making orders according to the application.

  • Before submitting an order, make sure you have checked the order, provided proof of payment, and confirmed the payment method used.
  • Please give the order to the driver-partner. The order status will change to completed order once you hand it over to the driver.

The driver partner will deliver it to the buyer.

Easy Business with Low Cost

That’s how to register Shopee Food and tips for using the Shopee app Partner for Trader.

Shopee Service food provide new space to increase product sales. How, are you ready to do business now? Good luck…

Hopefully the information shared this time can be useful. Don’t forget to share this article with friends or family who have a culinary business, OK?

Editor: Ismyuli Tri Retno

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