How to Track Lost or Stolen Xiaomi Cellphones Easily & Accurately
How to Track Lost or Stolen Xiaomi Cellphones Easily & Accurately

How to Track Lost or Stolen Xiaomi Cellphones Easily & Accurately

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Hello bosquu, welcome to, On this occasion the admin will share tips on How to Easily & Accurately Track Lost or Stolen Xiaomi Cellphones for all of you.

For Android phone users, especially Xiaomi users, don’t be surprised if the phone is lost and forgotten.

Because, as users, we need to collect and manage them more carefully.

So what if that happens? Stay calm, yes, because this is an easy-to-trace event.

If your Xiaomi phone is lost, you can experience it in two ways. Follow the steps below to track your XIAOMI phone.

How to Track Xiaomi Phones with Mi Cloud

How to track a Xiaomi cellphone

Xiaomi Cloud is a great feature implemented by Xiaomi for various products exported by Xiaomi. With Xiaomi Cloud, you can easily back up your files or photos online.

Apart from online data management, you can also use Mi Cloud to track your phone’s location.

This is how you can track the location of your Xiaomi phone with Mi Cloud.

  • Go to Mi Cloud Website: Click here to visit the MI Cloud site
  • Log in to your registered Xiaomi account. Email and mobile number available
  • Then click “Find Hardware” to start looking for the current location of your cellphone.
  • Click the Device Location menu to search for HP. (Once you find the location, zoom in on the visible map to make sure your phone’s location is accurate.)

If your smartphone is turned off, use the Xiaomi Voice/Voice Mode menu. (In this mode, you can turn on the sound even when the phone is idle)

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Functions and Benefits of Features on Mi Cloud

Here’s what you need to know about using the Xiaomi Cloud feature.

Noise Mode (Sound)

This feature also allows you to make calls to phones that are viewed in silent mode.

Lost Mode (Lost Mode)

If someone steals your HP, you can use Lost Mode. This feature helps protect your stolen phone by locking your Xiaomi phone.

Once this mode is enabled, the phone cannot be used until a registered Mi Cloud account is entered. If the person who took your phone changes the SIM card, you will receive a notification that the SIM card in your phone has been replaced.

Wipe Device (Wipe Data)

Apart from the first two functions, this is the last function which you can use to delete all files and data from your lost Xiaomi phone. If you have important files on your Mi phone, enable this Mi Cloud feature to keep your data safe.

If you have a Mi Cloud account, the above method can be used for all types of Mi phones. If you find your phone, go directly to the site where your phone appears to have been stolen.

So always remember your Mi Cloud account to keep your data and phone safe. Apart from using Mi Cloud, you can also track your lost phone with Google Find My Device.

Track Xiaomi Phones with Find My Device Google

Apart from using Xiaomi Cloud, you can use this method with your Google account.

To use this feature, you just need to make sure that the lost phone has a Google account. If your Google account is registered on your lost phone, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open a browser on your computer/phone and go to Google Device Manager.
  • Sign in with Google account on your lost phone.
  • If your Google account is connected to multiple devices, select the device you want to search for.
  • After you select the device you are looking for, Google will try to connect to your device. (Google will connect if you enable data scheduling and GPS on your lost phone.)

When connected, the map screen will change the location of your phone, Like Mi Cloud, Google also provides a feature that can be used to find my device. Google provides three features in this phone search service.

There are three features provided are:

  • Sound playback function: If your phone is close to your range, you can try playing sound for your phone. The phone will also ring in silent mode.
  • Lock feature: Or you can use lock feature to lock your phone so it’s not easy to unlock.
  • Delete feature: If your phone is not detected, the last step you can do is to wipe the data on your phone. You can use the erase feature to delete all data even if your phone is turned off.

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So, how to track your XIAOMI phone so that your phone is found soon, thanks.

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