How to Transfer OVO/DANA Balance Without Upgrading (Experience)

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This is how to transfer OVO DANA Gopay balance without upgrading

Digital wallets such as OVO, DANA, Gopay, linkAja or others require users to upgrade their accounts so they can transfer or withdraw balances to bank accounts.

Can I withdraw and transfer balances from DANA, OVO or Gopay accounts that have not been upgraded? Of course, I can.

There is a special way, so you don’t need to upgrade to OVO premiere, DANA premium or Gopay plus to transfer balances or withdraw money to your bank account.

In order to be able to transfer balances without upgrading my account, I used the services of a trusted digital wallet balance changer/filler site, which I have proven myself.

How to Transfer OVO Balance & Funds Without Upgrading an Account

The steps below are based on my experience transfer the OVO balance that has not been upgraded to OVO premiere and it works.

I transferred the balance from OVO to premium DANA, it could also be transferred to OVO premiere. I haven’t tried Gopay yet, but it’s possible.

Important! Set up an OVO premiere, DANA premium or Gopay plus account. You can borrow it from a friend or relative.

Please follow the steps below to transfer OVO, DANA or Gopay balances that haven’t been upgraded yet

  1. Go to the site, click here!
  2. Knock more menu
  3. Then select THIS, FUND or gopayFigure 1 for OVO DANA balance transfers that haven't been upgraded yetI select FUNDBecause I want transfer OVO balance to DANA account. please adjust to your needs.
  4. Enter transfer destination mobile number an upgraded DANA, OVO or Gopay account. Figure 2 for OVO DANA balance transfers that have not been upgraded*Can borrow from friends/relatives
  5. Choose nominal balance that you want to transferFigure 3 for OVO DANA balance transfers that have not been upgraded *Make sure the balance is more because there is an admin fee!
  6. Choose QRIS payment method (OVO, Shopeepay, DANA and others) Then click order nowFigure 4 for OVO DANA balance transfers that have not been upgraded*Don’t forget to enter the security code
  7. Scroll down, then QR code screenshot which is availableFigure 5 for OVO DANA balance transfers that have not been upgraded
  8. Open THIS app, DANA or gopay which has not been upgraded
  9. Then select the menu Scan (OVO) at the bottom of the start pageScan THIS QR code Choose Pay (for FUND) at the bottom of the application start pagePay DANA to scan QR codeFor Gopay, select menu Give to scan the QR codepay Gopay
  10. Knock gallery icon to upload pictures QR code which has been in the screenshot in step 8upload the QR code DANA OVO gopay
  11. Code QR not read ? use the method below!
  12. Send screenshot QR code via WhatsApp chat to closest friends / family
  13. Borrow the cellphone, and open the screenshot QR code the
  14. Scan the QR code
  15. If code QR has been read successfullyA confirmation page for payment will appearFigure 6 for OVO DANA balance transfers that have not been upgraded
  16. Click give if all the information is correct
  17. Payment successfulFigure 7 successful OVO balance transfer
  18. I just transferred egg balance which has not been upgraded to premium DANA account
  19. Succeed ! less than 1 minute the OVO balance has been successfully transferred to the DANA account, without upgrading to OVO premiereTransfer OVO balance to DANA account successfully

The above method can also be used to transfer sado from a DANA account that has not been upgraded to a premium, I have tried and it worked.

How about Gopay, LinkAja or other digital wallets? It’s possible, but I haven’t tried it yet.

As additional information, the DANA, OVO or Gopay account for transfer purposes does not have to be upgraded too!, even though it has not been upgraded you can either.

That’s the way you can withdraw money or transfer DANA, OVO or Gopay balances without needing to upgrade to a premier or premium account. Sorry if there is a wrong word, hopefully useful.

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