How to Use Google Assistant When Traveling as a Guide

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Hello loyal visitors of! Already know How to Use Google Assistant? When you think of Google Assistant, you might immediately think of the various Google speakers that include a super-smart voice assistant.

However, Google Assistant also has an important place on visitors’ smartphones, which means it can help visitors on the go. If the visitor has an Android smartphone.

It is possible that visitors already have the default application, while iPhone users can download it for free from the App Store. Having an AI assistant in a visitor’s pocket has many benefits.

Such as the ability to assist visitors on a visitor’s journey. So whether visitors are booking a vacation to a new destination or simply planning a day trip to work.

Here’s how visitors can use the Google Assistant for all their travel needs.

How to Use Google Assistant as a Tour Guide

How to Use Google Assistant

Android devices have an advantage over iOS devices when it comes to using the Google Assistant on a visitor’s smartphone. After all, Google’s mobile operating system was developed by Google.

If the visitor is using Android 5.0 or later, simply hold down the Home button or say “OK Google” to activate the assistant. If visitors turn off this feature.

The visitor’s phone will ask the visitor to activate it. the visitor can then ask the Google Assistant a question or give it an order.

You can also activate Google Assistant by opening the Google Assistant app, or if the visitor has a Pixel 2, Pixel 3, or Pixel 3A, the visitor can press the bottom of the visitor’s phone, which is pretty neat.

If the visitor has an iPhone, the visitor must download the Google Assistant app from the App Store and open it every time the visitor wants to give an order or ask a question.

However, there is a hack that visitors can use to enable voice activation for the AI ​​assistant, which means visitors hijack Siri.

Simply enable a Siri shortcut phrase that allows visitors to open the Google Assistant app with a phrase – for example, “Hey Siri, Hey Google.” An article on Lifewire describes the process visitors must complete.

And this can be a useful feature if visitors want the same features as Android users.1. How to Book Hotels and Flights with Google Assistant

If visitors are planning a vacation, visitors can use the Google Assistant to book hotels and explore the best flight options, making travel bookings easier.

To book a hotel, visitors can provide Google Assistant commands such as “book a room at [nama hotel] from [lokasi] or “book a room at [nama hotel] from [lokasi] for [tanggal perjalanan]”

You can also ask the Google Assistant to investigate suitable flights by asking questions like “how much does it cost to fly to Berlin?” or commands like “find flights to Rome”.

Has the visitor booked a visitor flight? If the visitor is in the United States, the visitor can even check the visitor’s flight and find out if it is delayed.

Although visitors should keep in mind that this feature only works for US domestic flights. When they arrive at their destination, visitors can ask Google Assistant for vacation tips.

Like asking “things to do in Jakarta”.

2. How to Use Google Assistant on Google Maps

An easy way to use the Google Assistant to help visitors on their way is to use it with Google Maps. iPhone users? Just download the app from the App Store first.

For example, if a visitor wants the Google Assistant to help the visitor find the best way to get home from work, the visitor must enter an address such as ‘Home’ in the Google Maps app.

Once done, visitors can say “take me home” to Google Assistant, and it will fetch information from Google Maps to show or verbally explain the best route based on the visitor’s current location.

You can also check for traffic updates and get the latest information on diversions and closed roads, which is very useful if visitors are driving and visitors can’t see visitors’ phones.

3. Convert Currency and Translate Foreign Languages

Not sure how much Swedish kronor a visitor gets for a visitor’s US dollar? visitors can ask the Google Assistant for almost any conversion a visitor can think of.

The same goes for translations. If visitors are wondering what the word “hello” is in Swedish, visitors can say “What is Swedish for “hello”?” And the assistant immediately answered with the correct answer.


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