How to Use Share VPN on HP Easily
How to Use Share VPN on HP Easily

How to Use Share VPN on HP Easily

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A VPN app is a very important app to have. One VPN application that you can try is the Share VPN application.

The function of the VPN application is so that you can easily connect to foreign servers or other servers.

This VPN application is usually used by game players or gamers to be able to play on foreign servers.

Because when using a VPN, we can choose to enter which country server. Most gamers are looking for countries with few or minimal game players.

It is meant to meet enemies more easily than servers in countries with a large number of gamers.

Not only that, sometimes there are sites that can only be reached or accessed using a VPN.

So, this VPN is very important for those of you who want to increase the game rank by choosing servers in countries with few gamers.

You can also use it to open sites that you can’t open with a normal browser and have to use a VPN to access those sites.

Well, this time we will discuss one of the best VPN applications and many have used it, namely Share VPN with complete how to use share vpn on cellphones.

If you are curious, see the explanation about the Share VPN application this time.

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What is Share VPN?

how to use share vpn

The Share VPN application is an application to access foreign servers or access sites that cannot be reached with just a normal browser.

This application includes a VPN application that is fast and safe to use.

In addition, in this application there is a system unlimited servers from various countries that can be used for free.

So, it’s not surprising that many use this VPN. You can use this application for unlimited free servers in several countries.

How to Download the Share VPN Application

You can download the Share VPN application for HP on the Play Store. On the Play Store, this app has a rating of 4.4 and has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.

The size of this application is also very light, which is only 13 MB. Here is the download link.

How to Use Share VPN on HP

How to use this application is actually very easy.

If you are still not familiar with this application, maybe you will still be confused about how to use this Share VPN application.

Therefore, we will discuss a tutorial using this application. Below are the steps on how to use the Share VPN application on HP:

  1. Open the Play Store, then search on the Share VPN app search.
  2. After finding it, click install, then wait for it to finish downloading and installing on your cellphone.
  3. Open the Share VPN application, then agree to the permissions along with the terms and conditions that apply to the application, then click the agree button.
  4. Click the “>” button at the top to select the server from which country you want.
  5. Then click the country server you want to use. That way, your phone will automatically connect to the country server you choose.
  6. If you want to change the country, you can click the “>” button again, then click which country server you want.
  7. If a notification appears, just click the ‘Disconnect’ button. That way, the country server you selected will change.
  8. After connecting to a foreign server, you can immediately open sites that cannot be opened with a regular browser.
  9. How to turn off the VPN in this application is very easy. You simply press the ‘Switch’ button in the middle, then click ‘Disconnect’. Then the VPN has been turned off.

So, hopefully our tutorial can make it easier for you to install this application and use share vpn.

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