HP Flashlight Off?  Here’s 7+ How To Fix & Cause
HP Flashlight Off? Here’s 7+ How To Fix & Cause

HP Flashlight Off? Here’s 7+ How To Fix & Cause

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Have a smartphone with the condition cell phone flashlight is off will make the owner uneasy, because sometimes the need to use this flashlight when it is dark is used as emergency lighting.

In addition, it is also needed to assist the main camera in carrying out the task of taking pictures so that the results become clearer.

But before concluding, it would be nice if cellphone users could be more patient to try to solve it themselves with some tips shared on their blog Mastah Queen.

Causes HP Flashlight Turns Off Alone

Actually, there are many factors that can make the Android cellphone flashlight turn off by itself or sometimes it can’t even be turned on at all.

One of them is due to a bug from software installed in smartphoneand usually this will be easy to fix if an update pops up.

It could also be due to excessive use so that the system performance becomes heavy and this problem can occur.

How to Overcome a Dead HP Flashlight on All HP

After knowing some of the causes, now go straight to the point to deal with flashlights that turn off on all brands smartphone.

1. Turn Off and On

The first activity that users can do is torestart smartphone or turn it off and then turn it back on on the problematic cellphone.

Usually, if the problem is only on a system that is working too hard, this way it is sure to be able to revive a dead flash light.

2. Downloading the Flashlight App

The second step, if the first option can’t, then the user can download the application on the play store, the name of the application is Flashlight.

By using this application, users can set the cellphone flashlight so that it is bright or can be dimmed easily. It can also make the cellphone flashlight blink according to the flashlight number.

3. Clear Flashlight Data and Cache

On some smartphone that the admin encountered did not apply or enter his flashlight settings. So for those who have settings, the user can do this.

Namely, please search in settings or application manager with the name “MIDDLEand if there is please delete it Cache and Data the flashlight app.

4. Downloading Other Camera Apps

This can be done when the flashlight is off, it only applies when turning on the camera flash while taking photos.

And when the flashlight is turned on normally it stays on then this problem comes from the camera application. Now to overcome this, users can download other camera applications on the Playstore.

5. Update Software Update

Not forever software installed in smartphone always fine, but sometimes there are also problems found in software the.

For that, please do periodic checks on system updates available on smartphone. When there is an update please download the update and install it on smartphone.

6. Reset to Factory Settings

Even though you have done various things described above but the cellphone flashlight is still not turned on, then the user canreset the phone to factory settings.

But there is one thing that needs to be underlined, which is that later all the contents will be deleted smartphone including apps, photos, videos, google accounts, etc

7. Go to the Serviceman

The last step that users can take is to go to a cellphone repair shop near their place of residence. Or you can go to Service center if the warranty is still valid.

It will be concluded that smartphone the flash light turns off because it is a fix problem from the hardware or the flashlight itself and must be replaced.

The final word

This problematic flashlight incident is not only once or twice but many have experienced it.

The chronology of this problem varies, some are purely from the flashlight itself and some are caused by falling.

So, take care of your smartphone as best you can. Hopefully the article on how to deal with a dead cellphone flashlight above can be useful for all users.

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