I’m Sorry My Love Novel Chapter 2662 – 2663 – XH Tales
I’m Sorry My Love Novel Chapter 2662 – 2663 – XH Tales

I’m Sorry My Love Novel Chapter 2662 – 2663 – XH Tales

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Chapter 2662

After a pause

she bit her lip and politely said to Liao Jie: “Thank you for your reminder.

” Come on!” Liao Jie’s eyes were always filled with disgust.

Gaul turned and left without looking back at Liao Jie.

Every word that Liao Jie said to him pierced his heart, but he couldn’t deny it. After all, he really bothered Liao Jie for a whole year. This is a fact that cannot be erased. The reason why today’s Liao Jie looked down on him like this was his personal reasons.

He couldn’t blame anyone.

All he could do now was make himself at peace, make himself strong, and allow himself to face the past forever.

Galia joined the company and went to the personnel department without hesitation.

“Mr. Wang, I want to resign, can you tell me, how long can I leave the company? If I could do it sooner, I would have worked overtime and finished my work last night, so I won’t leave any tails to you.” company. .”

President Wang was dumbfounded: “Did you tell your director? And the person in charge of the corporate headquarters, they approved your resignation?”

Gaul pursed his lips: “I have to resign, so I will not follow my leader’s words.”

President Wang: “…”

After a pause, President Wang directly dialed the number of the director of the fashion department.

Hearing on the phone that Gaul would resign, the director was dumbfounded. Then he said, “Let Gaul go back first, and I’ll talk to him.”

Gaul had to bite the bullet and enter the fashion director’s office.

“Galia, you didn’t chase Master Liao back, did you?” the director asked softly.

Gaul sighed: “Director, I have a way to make President Liao cooperate with us, that is, I resign, I leave the company as soon as possible, and he must cooperate with us.

you … as soon as possible. Find someone to turn in my work, don’t worry Director, even if I leave the company, I won’t refuse anything you want me to submit in the past month, don’t worry about it. Gaul said sincerely.

The director held his forehead and didn’t speak for a long time.

He just looked up and said to Gaul: “Can you give me a reasonable reason why you ate for an hour and a half today? And you and Mr Liao, what happened between you?

I know this is your personal business. , you don’t have to answer me.

However, you know that it is not easy for our group companies to train you. The Fu Group’s staff is very stable. As soon as we trained you, you resigned, which is not in line with us. Corporate culture.

As long as you have a reasonable reason, this is a problem, and we will solve it together.

Is that okay?”

Hearing the director’s words, Gaul’s eyes immediately turned red.

During the year he worked at Fu Corporation, his own business was a part of it, and the atmosphere of the group was indeed very good.

He has no culture, and many of his co-workers do not look down on him for this, but do everything possible to help him raise his level of culture. He does not understand English, and colleagues who have worked abroad for several years will not waste the effort, even for a little time to eat. , to teach him the spoken language.

His previous professional knowledge was indeed very strong.

However, in this year, he has learned all the things that he could not learn before, and with his extraordinary professional knowledge, he is now in the fashion department of the Fu Group, and he can already be independent.

This is of course a happy event for him, but for the company, of course the company does not want to let go of a newly trained employee like this.

“I… have an old couple near my house, their children are missing, I have been taking care of them recently, this old couple is very kind to me, they have taught me a lot, I can’t ignore them, they usually don’t bothered me, but they just happened to run into trouble this morning…”

the director asked in surprise: “Are you taking care of an old man who is not related to you?”

Gaul nodded: “Well, and… Liao Jie and I, he used to be my girlfriend, and I never wanted to let go and bother him, so he had a bad impression on me. So I thought, if I resigned, he would. Otherwise , you are willing to cooperate with the company.

Director, you must approve it as soon as possible. ”

“I’ve bothered him before, but now I’m not contacting him? Do you still like him?” The director asked hesitantly.

Gaul smiled and said: “How can that director, I haven’t contacted him for five years and haven’t seen him, he and I are already in the past. I don’t like it at all now.”

“Good!” The director suddenly stood up and said with a smile: “Galia, the fashion department has decided to protect you, not the fashion company.”

Gaul was dumbfounded: “What?”

Chapter 2663


The director firmly said: “Galia, if the other party is late due to personal matters, or because you are an hour and a half late, it is so firm that it doesn’t want to cooperate with us anymore. You say this company, do we still need to keep it?

This company excels in all aspects, but it is not unique. on

Instead, their company wants to accept us, a company that can sustain. It’s also hard to make a living for two years.

Especially now that the economy is sluggish.

I don’t want to compromise with them. One of them is maintaining the company’s attitude.

Two, I also want to protect my own employees.

In the past when President Fu was in office, I only said that if a company wants to grow, it must be people-oriented. If the company doesn’t protect you this time, what will the other employees think? Do it

make people panic? Is

Isn’t this company coming to an end soon?

Power: “… ..”

At this moment, he could not say that he was not moved.

“You calm down, I will go to the company headquarters to submit a report, we… don’t cooperate with them anymore!

Gaul opened his mouth to say something, but the director was already out.

Several comrades gathered to cheer him up. “

Gaul, this kind of person is too domineering. Why did he ask our company to change someone because you had a previous vacation? This is very unreasonable, isn’t it? “

“By the way, Gaul, why are you an hour and a half late at a time like this today? You are usually very diligent, and we haven’t arrived yet. You have arrived at the company. When I asked you, you always said that you were stupid to fly first, but you helped us. How much have you done? By

way, your English level has improved a lot.

The foreign translator I used last time, I think you’re the one who translated it right.

Gaul, I think if our department lacks you, it is really a loss for the company. It

the director did the right thing!”

“Galia, I support you!”

“Galia, you should get a CET-6 certificate soon, right? In two years, you will also get your college diploma. When you arrive, who will dare to scold you in the future. ”

Seeing these comrades complaining and helping himself, Gaul suddenly felt that he was worthy.

I feel like I’m living in the real world right now.

The previous ones were all illusions.

She always imagined that she was successful in her studies, successful in her career, and all kinds of glamor. In this way, you can raise your eyebrows in front of your relatives, family and neighbors.

But now, he is very pragmatic and down to earth. Everything he got himself step by step, he is very stable and solid.

The wind can’t blow it.

Rainforest is not bad.

Even in the great storm and thunder, he still stands tall.

People have to be real.

This is the truth drawn by the Gauls.

Respect is earned by one’s own efforts.

“Thank you thank you.” Galia said sincerely: “I…even if I… resign from here, I feel very beneficial, and my focus has won back my self-esteem.

.Thank you .


He felt that these people were helping him like this, and he had to tell the truth.

“However, it is not because of the conflict between me and Mr. Liao at work.

I… We were boyfriend and girlfriend six years ago. At that time, I lied to him because he wanted to win. You know that I didn’t graduate from junior high school, but I lied to him and the company. Let’s say I graduated from college, you can imagine, a junior high school student, no matter how hard it was to cheat the past. Talk about

At this, Gaul laughed at himself: “I was really stupid and unafraid at that time. I really am not afraid of heaven and earth, so I cheated. ”

To cheat to the end literally shoot yourself in the leg.

Punished by his alternative Love Novel…

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