Jack Quaid Says Boys Made Him Immune To Low-Deck Criticism
Jack Quaid Says Boys Made Him Immune To Low-Deck Criticism

Jack Quaid Says Boys Made Him Immune To Low-Deck Criticism

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Jack Quaid revealed that his graphic work on The Boys changed his response to fan criticism of the Star Trek: Lower Decks episode, “I, Excretus.”

Jack Quaid reveals how Boy influence his reaction to criticism of Star Trek: Lower Deck. Best known for parodying real-world issues and the comic book genre, Boy centered in a world where superhumans have been commercialized to the public as heroes, with their dark nature being carefully hidden by the corrupt corporate lord at Vought International. Featuring graphic violence and almost episodically explicit nudity, host Eric Kripke continued to push the series’ outrageous boundaries in season 3, culminating in the introduction of the infamous “Herogasm” episode. Based on the event of the same name in the comic book by Garth Ennis, the episode depicts the annual Supe party.


Surprisingly, one of Quaid’s other projects, Star Trek: Lower Deck, featuring last year’s episode that garnered attention for the same reason. The season 2 episode, titled “I, Excretus,” saw the Cerritos crew put to the test in a series of holographic simulations. Transported back to an iteration of the ship infected by the 2000 psi virus, dramatically lowering the barriers of all crew members, Officer Beckett Mariner is confronted by the sight of many of his naked comrades engaging in orgy. Seen in a particularly dangerous position during the scene is Quaid’s character, Brad Boimler, whom he has voiced. Lower deck since 2020.

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Now, in a conversation on Jessie Gender’s YouTube channel (via CinemaMixed), Quaid revealed that he was often involved in outrageous scenes in Boy confused him with the audience’s criticism of Star Trek: Lower Decks episode. Check out the full comment below:

It was an interesting time in my life because the episode came out and then it was like, I don’t know, I’m in The Boys, so there seems to be debauchery in every episode, I guess, so debauchery doesn’t phase me anymore. So the episode came out, and it was almost like a week until the quote-unquote controversy popped up, and I don’t know, it was like anything. It just seems to suddenly get really like, ‘Oh, this offends me,’ when I’m like, ‘Whatever.’ But then again, I’m from The Boys, so that’s totally normal for me.

The episode with the orgy in it came out, I think it’s pretty close to when I was shooting the ‘Herogasm’ episode of The Boys, so I think that just adds to the idea of ​​’What? Not a big problem. What is the problem? I see crazier things every day in my real life.’

Star Trek Lower Deck Beckett Mariner and Brad Boimler standing together

With Boy So often immersed in lewd graphic content and parodies over the past three years, it may be easy to understand how Quaid was able to find criticism from Lower deck‘ The relatively light (and animated) season 2 episodes are puzzling. As Quaid talks about elsewhere in the interview, Star Trek has some equally risqué classic episodes, so it fits perfectly with the tone of the franchise. It’s possible to see such an episode in animation as a surprise to viewers Lower deck make no secret of the fact that it is intended for adults.

While the so-called orgy scene might not be possible in the future Star Trek: Lower Deck season 3, almost unavoidably funny that Boy season 4 will again feature sexually explicit content. With production on the new season about to begin, it will soon become clear what story awaits Quaid’s character.

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Source: Jessie Gender (via CinemaBlend)

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