Japanese Movie Review with the Most Vulgar Bed Scene
Japanese Movie Review with the Most Vulgar Bed Scene

Japanese Movie Review with the Most Vulgar Bed Scene

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skipper-muda.com–Japanese Movie Review with the Most Vulgar Bed Scene often create a scene because it raises sensitive issues such as political propaganda. Even Japanese directors had to finish filming secretly overseas due to dealing with the government.

This Japanese film displays bed scenes explicitly. The artists performed the scene without a stunt double. Due to the adult content, these films drew strong protests because they were deemed inappropriate and violated norms.

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The following is a list of Japanese films with the most vulgar bed scenes reported by Imdb, Tuesday (14/6/2022).


Audition tells the story of Shigeharu Aoyama, a middle-aged businessman who recently lost his wife and has lived an uninteresting life. His 17-year-old son, Shigehiko, worried about his father’s changing life, asks him to meet a new woman.

Yoshikawa, a friend of Shigeharu and a film producer, proposes that he meet a woman and go on a date. This idea was approved. Many beautiful women auditioned, but there was only one that really moved his heart, a young woman named Asami Yamazaki.

Asami claims to be a former ballet dancer who recently worked for a music producer. Yoshikawa warned Shigeharu to be careful, because he couldn’t check Asami’s background, but she was already blinded by love.

Battle Royale

Released in 2000, Battle Royale follows a group of ninth graders from a Japanese high school who have been forced by law to compete in Battle Royale. The students are sent to kill each other in an indefinite game to the death, until one survives or they all die.

Some decide to play games like the psychotic Kiriyama or sexual Mitsuko. While other students try to find a way to get off the island without violence. However, as their numbers dwindle, the students must find a way to survive.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup

Set in Japan where children have gained control, the film depicts scenes that are unprecedented in their extremities at the time. Including nude and erotic scenes of children, and offspring humiliating their parents.

On a very low budget, the film was shot in black and white and contains an abstract narrative, making it difficult to watch, especially in its 75-minute unedited form. This film hides innuendo about politics and sex and the results of their interactions.

In the Realm of Feelings

In 1936 in Tokyo, Sada Abe is a former prostitute who now works as a maid in a hotel. The hotel owner, Kichizo Ishida, abuses her and the two begin an intense affair that consists of sexual experimentation and various self-indulgences. Ishida left his wife for Sada.

Sada becomes increasingly possessive and jealous of Ishida, and she wants to please him even more. Their mutual obsession escalated until Ishida discovered that he was most excited by strangling her during lovemaking, and she was killed this way. Sada then cut off his penis.

Because of the many bed scenes, director Nagisa Oshima even had to finish shooting this film in France because he was being chased by the authorities in his own country.

Weird Obsession

Odd Obsession is about a man, who suspects his partner is having an affair with his daughter’s fiancé. In 1960, the film entered the Cannes Film Festival and won the Jury Prize. The film also bagged several other awards at the Blue Ribbon Awards (Best Director), Golden Globes (Best Foreign Film) and Kinema Junpo Awards (Best Screenplay).

The film stars Machiko Kyo, Nakamura Ganjiro II, Junko Kano, Tatsuya Nakadai, Jun Hamamura, Tanie Kitabayashi, Mayumi Kurata, Kyu Sazanka, Ichiro Sugai and Mantaro Ushio.

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