Jenn Chia: “I’ll Never Forget Her Long Straight Hair & Fake Personality”
Jenn Chia: “I’ll Never Forget Her Long Straight Hair & Fake Personality”

Jenn Chia: “I’ll Never Forget Her Long Straight Hair & Fake Personality”

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If part of your daily routine is to browse the Instagram Stories of the people you follow, then you may have come across NGL links. This is a simple Q&A app that allows your followers to message you anonymously.

Even local celebrities and influencers are getting involved with their fans – including Jenn Chia. The 31 year old entertainer spills tea on his personal life and we live for it!

Jenn only had a few requests when opening an anonymous question: to ask an awkward question, it doesn’t matter if it’s an odd thought or an impolite thought – but make it spicy. And because this is the internet, people tend to be bolder or bolder when they have the luxury of anonymity.

Questions started pouring in about his childhood, past trauma, ex and which was worst, how he overcame his ex-fire, sex life, armpit odor, and even diarrhea! Homegirl here is not kidding when she gives the green light for followers to ask the most random questions.

Childhood and Family

Some of us have fond memories of school life, but for others – it may be a living hell. Sitting for SPM is hard enough; being “buried into submission” by a bunch of bad girls is too much for Jenn to have to skip school for a whole month.

Such a traumatic experience can stay with someone for a very long time. No wonder Jenn still remembered the name of the bully. “He was so mean to me. (I will never forget her long straight hair and fake personality.),” Jenn wrote.

When asked why Jenn rarely includes her family on her social media, the content creator explained, “One day you all might turn on me and hate something I said or did on purpose or by accident. I don’t want the impact of my mistakes on my family.” With today’s cultural trend of canceling, people associated with “cancelled people” are often not spared either.


Ex & Oh

Jenn makes no secret that she has been in many toxic relationships in the past. He even shares it in his music. Judging from his 11 ex-girlfriends, things didn’t end well. Girlfriend #7-10 seems to have gone from bad to worst. Overcoming unhealthy relationships with men was a turning point for her.

When someone asks her about moving on from a previous fire, Jenn suggests revisiting the places you frequented and crying inwardly. Maybe that’s how Jenn handled her breakup. Based on the emoji used, is he referring to girlfriend #1?

Hanky ​​Panky

Does penis size affect a man’s ego? Jenn certainly thought so when a follower asked, “Does size matter?‘ to which he replied, ‘The smaller the d, the bigger the ego.” One wonders if she’s implying most of the 11 men she’s dated in the past. However, if you’re horny but your guy isn’t giving you a D, Jenn suggests that you rely on another D instead – the dildo.

Perhaps the strangest question, someone wants to know if Jenn has an armpit fetish too. To each their own right? Some find it downright disgusting, while others may even be turned on by the armpits. It’s safe to assume that Jenn doesn’t like armpit smells.

Vibing Over Diarrhea

In addition, Jenn also remembers falling in love with “someone i’ve met” only to realize that he is the most boring (ever). On the other hand, however, Jenn found a follower who described how “diarrhea feels like” – right down to a tee to which the content creator replied, “How can I connect with you? I have the same thoughts every time I have diarrhea.”

Who else feels the same way?

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