Jennifer Lopez in ‘The Mother’: Cast, Release Date and Everything We Know About Netflix Movies
Jennifer Lopez in ‘The Mother’: Cast, Release Date and Everything We Know About Netflix Movies

Jennifer Lopez in ‘The Mother’: Cast, Release Date and Everything We Know About Netflix Movies

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Image credit: Ana Carballosa/Netflix.

Jennifer Lopez had an amazing year full of love and happiness when she married her lover Ben Affleck having reunited 20 years after their initial separation. The hyphenated star, 51, will also end the stellar year with a new movie release! J.Lo fans will see their queen regain all her acting glory in this action-thriller Motherthe first installment of a 3-star movie deal with Netflix.

Jennifer Lopez starred in the next “The Mother”. (Ana Carballosa/Netflix0

As part of the lineup of streaming giants, there is speculation Mother can debut its first trailer at the streaming giant fan event Tum on Saturday (24 September)! Last February, a bit of a big tease from the film was included in the trailer for the Netflix 2022 film, where Jennifer can be seen aboard a fishing boat in a remote location, where she looks into the camera and says, “Tonight is movie night. »

Before that “movie night” rolls around, let’s dive deeper Mother. HollywoodLa Vie We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Jennifer’s highly anticipated film below, including release date, cast, and more.

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What is “Mother” all about?

A synopsis from Netflix reads: “Years ago, a deadly killer was forced on the run, forcing him to leave his only daughter behind. Years later, a female assassin makes an order to protect her daughter from some very dangerous men.

The action-packed thriller is said to be “in spirit Luc Besson classic Professional,” according to Deadlines. It seems like Professional saw an ex-assassin teaching his skills as a hitman to a young girl (Natalie Portman in the main role).

Who is in the cast?

Jennifer Lopez plays a killer in the new action thriller ‘The Mother’. (Doane Gregory/Netflix)

J.Lo is the main star with his deadly killer personality. The girl he risked everything to protect was played by a newcomer Lucy Paezwho was last seen in Silence, according to Variation. Omari Hardwickwho plays in they are Zach Snyder army of the deadwill play the role of an FBI agent. The Maid’s Story star Joseph Fiennes will play one of the villains, as well Gael Garcia Bernalhit stars such as “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, “Bad Education” and “Mozart in the Jungle”, complete the cast is Paul Raciwho recently starred on Amazon Metal sound.

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Which team is behind this project?

Lovecraft Country Creator green micha wrote the original screenplay with revisions by Straight out of Comptonthis Andrea Berloffpar Deadlines. Mother will be led by Niki Carofamous for Disney That is why remake, Zookeeper’s wife et Whale rider. Jennifer also acts as a co-producer Elaine the Goldsmith Thomas for Nuyorican Productions.

When will “The Mother” debut?

No date has been set for the premiere yet Mother. The Netflix fan show Tudum on September 24 could shed some light on the mystery. To our knowledge, it should be released by the end of 2022.

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Any pictures so far?

While no footage has been released yet, other than the aforementioned minor match (above), Saturday’s Tudum event might surprise fans. Netflix’s teasing binge schedule has been released and one of the allocated space revolves around Mother, Therefore, fans might be surprised by more clips from the film.

What to watch while waiting

As Mother sounds like a gritty story, why not rewatch some of Jennifer’s other drama films while waiting for the premiere. Find it on Hustlers, boy next door, and the stars revolve together George Clooney in 1998 Out of sight.

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