Job Vacancies Pekanbaru PT.  Nusantara Mandiri Latest Graphics 2022
Job Vacancies Pekanbaru PT. Nusantara Mandiri Latest Graphics 2022

Job Vacancies Pekanbaru PT. Nusantara Mandiri Latest Graphics 2022

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Jentika.ID – The latest and updated job vacancies site with various job vacancies from various regions, Pekanbaru job vacancies PT. Nusantara Mandiri Graphics June 2022 which we convey below with several vacancies open.

Before looking at the existing job vacancies in Pekanbaru, we recommend that you look at tips and suggestions in the process of applying for jobs until you are selected as the best candidate.

What Makes You Fail in the Selection Process

There are so many candidates who fail in the selection process for job vacancies due to several reasons.

  1. Bad attitude
  2. Disrespectful appearance
  3. Not included in the company criteria
  4. Job vacancies are closed

In the 4 points above, what most of the candidates do are points 1 and 2, this is very important to pay attention to, especially the company you are running in the field of advertising or in the field of sales.
For that, pay attention to your good attitude to be able to sympathize with your HRD, we also suggest for those of you who want to apply, don’t forget to always pray and pay attention to the completeness of your application file.

How long does this job advertisement last?

As we get, usually the company will send us an email containing job vacancies in which it is stated that at least every job vacancy that we have published is only valid for 1 week.

Tips for Choosing Job Vacancies according to Ability

Choosing the type of job vacancy that suits your field and interests is one of the best steps considering the company will also choose employees based on their experience.
Also avoid choosing the type of job vacancies that are not relevant to your field. it can also cause failure in the job acceptance selection process at the company you are applying for.
Do not use clothes that look untidy and impolite when you are called for a job interview by the company’s HRD.

Why Choose This Site As a Job Reference

  • The Jentika.ID site is a site that we developed to be able to help you find information on job vacancies in Pekanbaru easily and reliably.
  • All job vacancies that we publish are the result of retyping from several trusted job vacancies.
  • In addition, usually our partner companies will also send emails containing job vacancies to us which we will forward through this website page.

Job Vacancies Pekanbaru PT. Nusantara Mandiri Latest Graphics 2022

Pekanbaru Job Vacancies

We are one of the companies that are currently opening job vacancies with the required position as an employee.

Below we convey some information related to job vacancies and including the terms and application files that you must prepare:



  • Man
  • Maximum age 26 years old
  • Education min SMK & minimum D1 major
  • Willing to work shift system
  • Preferably experienced in printing and photocopying or digital printing
  • Fresh graduates are welcome
  • Fast Learning and agile at work
  • Mastering adobe photoshop, corel drow and indesign
  • Can wipe, compile and design books a plus
  • Can design invitations
  • Not college time and free time

The following application documents must be submitted:

  1. Application letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae / curriculum vitae
  3. Degree scan
  4. Scan the transcript
  5. Scan ID card
  6. Recent color passport
  7. And other supporting certificates

If you feel you have met the qualifications and requirements that we have set, please send application you to the address listed below:

Send your latest CV to:

Email : [email protected]

Subject: the position applied for

Please join our whatsapp group so you don’t miss any information updates about job vacancies in Pekanbaru and around. join with the link below.

Note: Include the PROHRD.ORG Website as a source of job vacancies in your application file

For those of you who have read Pekanbaru job vacancies on the website Jentika.ID we hope to be able to share / share this vacancy to your social media group so that the locker we created can be useful for you and we can also continue to be excited if our article has a lot of readers, so we will update it every day with the latest locker on the same day.

Tips for finding and applying for Pekanbaru job vacancies:

  • Read information carefully.
  • Search for information independently.
  • Pekanbaru job vacancies that do not include an acceptance limit (Deadline) are usually only valid for 3-7 days, even 2 weeks or 1 month.
  • We recommend that you apply for newly published job vacancies in 1-2 days, or apply to vacancies that still have a deadline for accepting applications.
  • Send application as soon as possible. The sooner the better.
  • If the job vacancy does not have a shipping address and only includes an email address, it means that all job applications can only be sent via email.
  • If the job vacancy only includes the Company Address. This means that job applications are only allowed to be sent directly to the address.
  • Follow the terms of applying for a job from the company, provide the application files required by the company.
  • Confirm job vacancies Pekanbaru according to your domicile.

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