June 2022 Schedule & Prices + Nearest Agent
June 2022 Schedule & Prices + Nearest Agent

June 2022 Schedule & Prices + Nearest Agent

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Fertile Patient Bus Ticket – PO Sabar Subur is a legendary bus operator who rose from the grave.

So called because this operator has long stopped operating. Then bounce back with the route from Surabaya to Cirebon PP.

PO Sabar Subur is already widely known by transportation users in the Central Java region.

Naturally, this legendary operator from Kudus has long been known as one of the rulers of the Kudus – Tegal street.

Fertile Patient Bus Ticket
Fertile Patient Bus Ticket

With the Holy AKDP route to Tegal, PO Sabar Subur cannot be underestimated.

Even though at that time this bus was not equipped with air conditioning as one of the facilities.

For more information about this company, read this article to the end.

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PO history. Fertile patience

The development of buses in Indonesia is growing rapidly, which makes users of public transportation modes greatly benefit.

Of the many buses available, not a few buses from Jakarta have passed through Kudus-Tegal.

Of course, such buses do not provide careless services.

Because some of them provide the best facilities that can attract customers.

This makes PO Sabar Subur customers start to recede because of the many more promising bus offers.

Plus, the services offered by the PO Sabar Subur bus are indeed outdated compared to other buses which often carry out rejuvenation in each of their fleets.

From the netizen discussion in the topic of Transportation History, there is a unit whose writing is Sabar Subur HR.

Reportedly the unit is a former fleet of PO Harum. The reason is, at that time PO Harum was still focusing on the tourism fleet.

So the fleet that says PO Sabar Subur is a fleet that PO Harum lent through a valid KPS.

There are unique things that can be obtained from each fleet of PO Sabar Subur.

Where at that time, the fleet was equipped with horns that were considered unique.

However, nowadays this is commonplace.

At that time, most buses used a mirror near the door.

In contrast to PO Sabar Subur, which chose a horn model mirror which at that time was rarely used by buses in general.

Sabar Subur Bus Classes & Facilities

This bus operator from Kudus is very different. Because now it has presented a lot of prime, younger fleets with better and more promising engine quality.

This bus fleet uses a lot of bodies from well-known bodies in Indonesia.

Among them are Jetbus HD2+ and Jetbus HD from Adiputro Malang.

Even reportedly, the latest unit from PO Sabar Subur was obtained from Tentrem which is the Scorpion H8 X.

The existence of this new unit certainly makes customers happy.

Considering the service provided by the unit is getting better and more promising so that customer comfort is not neglected like before.

The facilities owned by PO Sabar Subur are quite varied and almost the same as bus companies in general. Where each bus unit is equipped with:

  • Seat 2 – 2
  • Audio video on the bus
  • air conditioning

For the class itself, there is only one class, namely non-economy.

Of course, the facilities in it will make you more comfortable when traveling.

Patience Subur Bus Ticket Prices Latest

The following is a list of the latest Sabar Subur Bus ticket prices that we have collected:

Route Bus Class Price (Rp)
Cirebon – Tuban Non-economic 175,000
Cirebon – Tripe Non-economic 175,000
Cirebon – Lamongan Non-economic 175,000
Cirebon – Surabaya Non-economic 175,000
Cirebon – Nest Non-economic 130,000
Cirebon – Lasem Non-economic 130,000
Cirebon – Rembang Non-economic 130,000
Cirebon – Pati Non-economic 120,000
Cirebon – Juwana Non-economic 120,000
Cirebon – Kudus Non-economic 110,000
Cirebon – Demak Non-economic 100,000
Cirebon – Semarang Non-economic 90,000
Tegal/Pekalongan – Lasem Non-economic 100,000
Tegal/Pekalongan – Rembang Non-economic 100,000
Tegal/Pekalongan – Pati Non-economic 100,000
Surabaya – Cirebon Non-economic 175,000
Surabaya – Tegal Non-economic 150,000
Surabaya – Pati Non-economic 90,000
Surabaya – Demak Non-economic 110,000
Surabaya – Kudus Non-economic 100,000

NB: Sabar Subur bus ticket prices can change at any time without prior notice.

List of Fertile Patient Agents closest

Here is a list of addresses and phone numbers for the Sabar Subur Bus agents closest to your city:

1. Malang Subur Patience Bus Agent

  • Address : Jalan Raya Randu Agung, Singosari, Malang
  • Phone : 0341 458333

2. Denpasar Subur Patience Bus Agent

  • Address : Jalan Mahendradata number 138, Padang Sambian, West Denpasar, Bali
  • Phone : 0361 8466 038

3. Cirebon Subur Patience Bus Agent

  • Address : Jalan Brigjen Dharsono number 10, Kedawung, Cirebon
  • Phone : 0812 2542 8885

4. Sabar Subur Kudus Bus Agent

  • Address : East Ring Road number 89, Kudus
  • Phone : 0812 2542 8884


That’s the information about the latest Sabar Subur bus ticket prices, complete with routes, classes, and the nearest agent. May be useful.

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