Kalin is sure Sarawak will win at least 28 seats

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KUCHING (4 April): Sarawak Party Deputy Chairman Datuk Seri Abdul Kalim is confident that the Sarawak Union can sweep at least 28 seats in the 15th General Election!

He said his personal view is that he can win 28 parliamentary seats, including the Borneo Highlands parliamentary seat, Lubo Andu parliamentary seat and the Selangou parliamentary seat expected to win.

“I believe that Borneo Highlands and the Luboangdu parliamentary seats can be won, and I would be very disappointed if I couldn’t win in a region dominated by Bumiputera.”

This was conveyed by Abdul Kalim in a press conference after attending the flag-raising ceremony at D’Drift today.

He believes that the Sarawak Union always performs well, so he hopes that the people of Sarawak can continue to maintain the sentiment of the last Sarawak elections, because the people of Sarawak must show solidarity.

He has repeatedly stressed that he will be disappointed if Sarawak wins fewer than 28 seats in the next general election.

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Kalin’s post believes that Sarawak will win at least 28 seats in the national election. First appearance on TVS.

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