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KSI’s fight against Alex Wassabi is now in doubt after the YouTube star was injured.

The fight between the two will take place on August 27, but an injury to Wassabi puts the fight in doubt.

KSI shows off impressive body transformation before the fight
Alex Wassabi will have to withdraw from the fight if his injury report proves to be true


Alex Wassabi will have to withdraw from the fight if his injury report proves to be true

According to American YouTuber ‘Keemstar’, who hosts the YouTube news channel DramaAlert, Wassabi was injured in training.

He said: “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the latest news. Wassabi is injured.

“Now I hear two different injuries, I hear a concussion, I hear a broken hand. It came from a source near the Wassabi camp.

“I have another source near the Wassabi camp. This is what is happening now. I double-checked, crossed my t’s, put my i’s on this.

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“Wassabi was injured. And right now there is a fear that he will not fight KSI on 27 August.”

British YouTuber and musician KSI haven’t fought in a boxing ring since beating Logan Paul in 2019, and the pair are now sponsoring Arsenal with their PRIME drink.

Meanwhile, Wassabi defeated KSI’s younger brother Deji in March this year.

Although Wassabi may be injured, KSI will continue to fight that day because his replacement has been prepared.


Keemstar added: “Will the event be cancelled? Not.

“However, I can tell you with certainty that the event will not be cancelled, because I spoke to Misfits Boxing (the organizers of the event) a few months ago, and they always say that if anyone withdraws from the fight, they will be replaced.

“So I don’t think August 27 has a chance to be cancelled. But there’s a chance we won’t see Alex Wassabi.”

KSI, 28, underwent an incredible body transformation before the fight, showing off his shattered figure in a social media post.

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And shortly before the reveal, KSI posted a cryptic message on his Twitter, saying, “Life is so fun sometimes,” followed by lots of laughing emojis.

Jake Paul, who is reportedly in talks to fight controversial figure Andrew Tate and younger brother Logan, followed up by tweeting, “HAHAHHAHAHAHA KARMAS AB****.”

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