Let me go sir.  hill chapter 2689
Let me go sir. hill chapter 2689

Let me go sir. hill chapter 2689

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Chapter 2689

“Didn’t you just see him yesterday morning? You can see it when you come back at night. “Jiang Qingxin doesn’t have time to deal with him now, you can go back to see the baby. Huo Xu: “

…You and Ruan Yan can also make appointments tomorrow, and you have made appointments often recently. “

No, we have important matters. “Jiang Qingxin can’t wait to be at night now.

The phone beeped and hung up, and Huo Xu’s heart twitched with jealousy.

This Ruan Yan never looked for a girlfriend, and always hooked his wife.

Unfortunately, if there was a suitable girlfriend around, he would have to introduce her to Ruan Yan.

Thinking of this, he called out to Song Qingrui, “Your friend… Zhou Mingli and Ruan Yan are making progress. “

“Your wife ignored you tonight?” “Song Qingrui, who was just rejected by Lin Fanyue, is now very sad.

Huo Xu was stunned and understood in a second, “Lin Fanyue won’t accompany you tonight? “

Song Qingrui: “…”

Huo Xu smiled, somehow more comfortable, at least he wasn’t alone, “As Zhou Mingli’s friend, you must remind me, Ruan Yan is a good girl, Don’t let her miss it, if she has a good impression, she should dare to chase after her. “

“Don’t worry, I’ll reassure me.” “Song Qingrui doesn’t understand either, this Zhou Mingli is a bit Buddhist in his pursuit of his girlfriend. No wonder he never found a girlfriend. There is a reason to be single.

… In

evening, Ning Xiaoxiao decided to eat at a small place. In the small courtyard, although small, there are rocks and running water in it, and rows of green bamboo are planted at the corners of the walls. It

the evening wind blew into the courtyard, and there was the scent of begonias.

Jiang Qingxin and Lin Fanyue arrived first. , Ning Xiaoxiao came five minutes late.

“I didn’t expect you to come so soon. “Ning Xiaoxiao sat down, she didn’t dress up, she came out with a pure face, her little face was pure and pure under the light, as if it could seep water.

“I don’t want to work all day I’m captivated by you.” Jiang Qingxin said in a weak tone.

“Me, too.” Lin Fanyue glanced at Ning Xiaoxiao, “Ruan Ruan, you are too much, you make a lot of money secretly without telling us, you say, do you wear countless vests, legendary hacker? Whether you are a legendary genius doctor, you are a legendary musical genius, or a scientist.

Ning Xiaoxiao: “…”

Jiang Qingxin was silent, “Fan Yue, what kind of bull have you been watching recently? A cowardly book.”

“Does fiction come from reality?” Lin Fanyue smiled, “Not impossible.”

“Thank you for belittling me so much.” Ning Xiaoxiao smiled, “But I didn’t. It was very strong.”

Jiang Qing asked nervously and firmly, “Is it true that you know me by the memories of your previous life.”

“What?” Lin Fanyue thought she was hallucinating and excited, “What about the previous life? Memories, you didn’t tell me anything important. ”

Jiang Qingxin: “Ruan Yan said he and I know each other in

previous life.” Lin Fanyue turned sour, “Then you two know each other, we must have known each other in our previous lives, there’s no way the two of you know each other. Leave me alone.”

“Don’t worry, that’s for sure, otherwise why are the three of us playing well?” Jiang Qingxin winked at Lin Fanyue.

Ning Xiaoxiao laughed, “I know all of you…”

“Hold the grass, you really have memories of your past life.” Lin Fanyue was excited, “You are too much, you keep hiding from us, then you say, my past life What kind of person is he? I feel that I must have been a strong person in my last life, so I am also a scientist.”

Jiang Qingxin: “What about me, am I a partner with Huo Xu in my last life, or another man.” angle of

Ning Xiaoxiao’s mouth pumped.

These two people thought a lot.

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