Lonzo Ball and Kendall Jenner Romance? (Video)

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Chicago Bulls guard and reality TV icon Kendall Jenner made headlines this week for an unexpected reason.

Jenner recently broke up with her boyfriend of two years, Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker.

Their breakup made headlines over the past few days, as was the real reason for their decision to call it off.

On Friday, a new report regarding Jenner’s future romantic prospects emerged.

According to SideAction, Jenner and Ball were linked together in a romantic capacity.

“It is suspected that several NBA players attempted to shoot Kendall Jenner after breaking up with Devin Booker,” the report said.

“One player specifically called up is Chicago Bulls star Lonzo Ball. Lonzo is currently undergoing rehab in Los Angeles, and he also has a home there.”

Ball has previously been linked to Ally Rossel – a model with more than 154,000 followers on Instagram. Her epic Valentine’s Day gift went viral, which makes this latest rumor even more shocking.

That said, nothing in Rossel’s latest Instagram offering references Ball in any capacity:

So who knows where their relationship stands at this point.

Jenner frequently and bluntly discusses all the NBA players who openly connect. He wasn’t shy about it nor did he try to hide it. He has a very clear type of guy.

Will Ball be the next person on that list?

Time will answer.

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