Make Velocity in Capcut Easily
Make Velocity in Capcut Easily

Make Velocity in Capcut Easily

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In this opportunity or article, we will convey information about Velocity CapCut. This article might be very suitable for you to read if you are currently looking for a way to make it. Don’t worry if you are one of those people who are curious and want to know the steps to make it. Here, you will find the method that we will convey.

Therefore, take it easy if you want to edit your video into velocity. To find out the steps and how, all you need to do is read and read carefully and thoroughly this article to the end. Just by reading this article, you will not only know how. But you will also get other important information that we will share.

The CapCut application is certainly familiar to people who like to edit a video or photo. CapCut is one of the best photo and video editing applications and is quite popular in Indonesia. Many people from various circles have used the application.

There are many features in this application. How to remove capcut writing in video templates is also a feature – these features will make it very easy for you to edit your photos or videos according to your wishes to be cooler.

What is Velocity CapCut?

Capcut Speed

Some time ago, an editing technique called Velocity went viral. This technique is in the form of editing videos in certain parts to be slow or slow. But you don’t need to feel complicated to cut the part you want to slowmo. Usually, people who edit with velocity techniques will be made into pauses in the CapCut application.

Not a few people are interested in making this video but don’t know how. Don’t worry, because we will tell you.

How to Create Velocity in Capcut

After we convey a little information about Velocity CapCut above. We will also share how you need to do it to make it. Without needing to linger any longer and make you more impatient. So go ahead, here is a way to create Velocity in CapCut.

  1. Make sure that you have downloaded the CapCut application on your cellphone.
  2. If so, please open the application and select the New Project menu.
  3. Then enter the video you want to edit into velocity.
  4. After that, tap on the timeline option then select the Speed ​​menu.
  5. There are two options, normal and curve. Please select the Curves option.
  6. Before pressing the Edit button, please select the Custom option.
  7. Increase the curve point with the video speed to 10x faster on the second curve point part.
  8. Lower the video speed to 0.1x slower at the fourth point of the curve.
  9. Then press the check button.
  10. Done and try resetting your video.

So, those are the steps and methods you can follow to edit your video into velocity. Very easy isn’t it? But you need to know that there are other ways that are not complicated to make this velocity trend.

CapCut already provides one of the interesting features, namely Templates. You can use this feature to easily make your video into velocity without having to edit it. Not only that, but there are many other templates that you can use.

The final word

So much information and reviews that we can convey to you about Velocity CapCut. Now you can create velocity trends easily through the steps we share or through the templates that are already available. Download the CapCut app right now and try to make it.

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