Miguel Cabrera backs Aaron Judge to win the Triple Crown
Miguel Cabrera backs Aaron Judge to win the Triple Crown

Miguel Cabrera backs Aaron Judge to win the Triple Crown

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While much of the MLB world has followed Aaron Judge’s home run pursuit, he’s quietly slipped himself into the top slot in the AL batting title race. Judge went into Thursday night’s game with a .317 batting average, a point ahead of Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts, who hit .316.

If Judge takes the AL batting title, it means he will take the Triple Crown. Hakim currently leads the AL with 23 in home runs, and 13 in runs batted in. The third piece of the Triple Crown puzzle will be hitting average, and if Judge can stay in that category, he will become the first Triple Crown winner in MLB since Miguel Cabrera achieved the feat in 2012.

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Miguel Cabrera, Judge Aaron
Miguel Cabrera, Judge Aaron
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Before Cabrera won it ten years ago, the last player to do so was Carl Yastrzemski of Boston, in 1967.

“Wow, what Aaron Judge did was amazing,” Cabrera said Marly Rivera of ESPN. “It’s really interesting to see what he does, and the way he’s really dominated almost every offensive category this season. I think his season will be remembered as one of the best in baseball history. I hope Hakim is the next Triple Crown winner, and I hope he wins MVP.”

Cabrera and Yastrzemski won the MVP award when they were Triple Crown winners, and the two times weren’t even close.

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Everything there is to know about Aaron Judge and his pursuit for a home run record:

If Judge is to claim the Triple Crown this year, he will be the first player to reach 60 home runs and win the Triple Crown in the same season.

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