Mina Task Force Simulation of Congregation Movement at the Peak of Hajj

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Merdeka.com – The peak procession of Hajj at Arafah, Muzdalifah and Mina is only a matter of days. The Mina Task Force, coordinated by PPIH officers from the Medina Work Area, carried out the mapping to the locations that were assigned to the task area.

“Currently, we are together with Madinah officers doing a field visit and we are doing it on foot. Let us really feel how the pilgrimage process will be. The congregation walked from the tent to Jamarat, then from Jamarat to the tent,” said the Head of the Madinah Region, Amin Handoyo, to the 2022 Hajj Media Center (MCH) team, in Mina, Makkah.

Amin explained that the series of preparations and processes for Armuzna will be led by a Kasatops or head of the operations unit. Kasatops has subordinate Kasatgas, each of which is responsible for three areas that are important for the peak implementation of Hajj, namely Arafah, Muzdalifah and Mina.

In the task force, there will be sectors. There are five sectors and several posts, then there are also several points that have been prepared,” he said.

Amin hopes that the site surveys carried out can provide an image to the Mina Task Force personnel on the conditions in the field, including understanding the vulnerable points, especially in the Jamarat area.

“There are so many vulnerable points, that’s why on every floor we prepare officers there to direct the congregation so that they don’t go the wrong way and when a congregation that may be sick needs to be treated with first aid, there is already a team from health and a team from us on loan,” he said.

For the personnel on duty, said Amin, from Daker Madinah alone, there were 308 people strengthened by 113 health workers. The Mina Task Force will also receive assistance from Makkah Daker officers.

“Because this Mecca has already communicated with the maktab in this community, in Arafah, Muzdalifah and Mina. So in addition to our 308 officers, 113 health workers, PPIH is also assisted in Makkah,” explained Amin.

One of Amin’s concerns in the implementation of Armuzna, especially in Mina, is not to get lost. Because when in Mina, there was indeed a movement of the congregation from the lodge to the Jamarat area, which was quite a distance away.

“We secure the road, don’t let the congregation go the wrong way, there are several post points,” concluded Amin.

Monitoring of the MCH team who participated in the field survey, the preparation of facilities and infrastructure for the congregation while in Mina’s maktab continues to be carried out. Workers seem to be working to quickly complete their duties.

There is also a small mattress that the congregation will use while resting. The congregation is also provided with cool air conditioning facilities and a large number of bathrooms and the conditions are quite good.

Meanwhile, the distance from Maktab to the Jamarat area is approximately 2 kilometers. The congregation will cover the distance on foot. The congregation will first enter the tunnel and then go to the jamarat and vice versa but with a different tunnel. Because one tunnel is only for one direction of travel


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