More than 39 thousand vacant teacher positions in Chhattisgarh, the future of children in more than 47 hundred schools is with the help of one teacher. IV News

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More than 39 thousand vacant teacher positions in Chhattisgarh, the future of children in more than 47 hundred schools is with the help of one teacher.

Raipur (State Bureau). The shortage of teachers in public schools has worried parents for years. Although the teacher-student ratio on paper is 1:21, on the ground, the future of young people in schools with no teachers seems to be dark. The Chhattisgarh government has taken many important steps for the universalization of education.

Swami Atmanand High School of English is like a new ray of hope for parents who are disillusioned by the lack of English language education in schools, but only two to 2.5 lakh children get the opportunity to study at this school. For the remaining 90 percent of children, schools that follow the old pattern are the only supporters. The slogan ‘School Aa Padhe Bar, Jingi La Gadhe Bar’ looks better on walls and posters, but due to lack of teachers on the ground, this slogan poster has been torn up.

If we look at the numbers, the teacher:student ratio in the state is satisfactory, but single-education schools in forest areas tease this figure. There is a shortage of teachers in around 40,000 elementary, middle, high and high schools. In this case, the recruitment process takes place for 14 thousand 580 posts. Experts on the Right to Education Law and National Education Policy believe that all children should receive the same education.

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The teacher:student ratio in primary schools should be 1:25 and in secondary schools should be 1:30. This means that one teacher is required for 25 children. The positions of Head of Librarians, Assistant Teachers, Teachers are vacant at the elementary school level. Similarly, at the junior high school level, the positions of Head of Libraries, Teachers, Teachers are vacant. The positions of Principal, Lecturer, Assistant Science Teacher are vacant at the high school level. The positions of Principal, Deputy Principal, Lecturer are vacant in High School.

There are teacher positions that are penalized in state schools.

approved post setup

Principal 4.673

Lecturer 46,013

Middle Head Reader 12,449

Middle Teacher 55,096

Second Grade Teacher SSA 24,565

Main Reader Head 31,363

Assistant Teacher 87,699

Class III SSA Teacher 33,997

Pedagogical Science 8,927

Total Sanctions 3,04,782

Number of Vacancies 39,454

What will happen to the young people from so many schools?

On one hand the teacher:student ratio in the state is said to be satisfactory according to government statistics, while on the other hand, the future of the students in Vananchal state schools including Raipur is in danger. Only one teacher was assigned to teach these children. Raipur 10, Kawardha 109, Cancer 347, Kondagaon 373, Korba 352, Korea 189, Gariaband 115, Gaurela Pendra Marwahi 69, Jashpur 264, Janjgir 33, Dantewada 175, Durg 24, Dhamtari 43, Narayanpur 171, Bemetara 22, Balrampur 257, Baloda Bazar 69, Bastar 680, Balod 32, Bilaspur 66, Bijapur 165, Mahasamund 223, Mungeli nine, Rajnandgaon 54, Raigad 183, Sakti 23, Sukma 315, Surguja 178 and 292 schools in Surajpur, where only one teacher is assigned. In this way 4,742 schools in the state are single teachers.

Not getting enough teachers

The School Education Office must fill the positions of 14 thousand 580 teachers. The recruitment process is also ongoing, but from some parts there are no qualified teachers. No suitable candidates have been found for the two thousand positions of lecturers, teachers and teacher assistants, especially from the Registered Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) categories. At the same time, hundreds of candidates from backward classes and other general categories had not joined even after the selection. Such challenges need to be faced before the government.

14 thousand 580 posts not yet recruited

Appointment Total Posts Advertised Total Workload No Total Jobs

Lecturer 3,177 2,666 511

Teacher 5,897 3,334 2,563

Assistant Teacher 5,506 2,608 2,898

Total 14,580 8,608 5,972

(Process done so far for a total of 14,580 posts advertised by Vyapam in 2019)

Leaving school due to lack of learning environment

Experts say that when there are no teachers in the school, it will be difficult to create a teaching environment here. Even those who work as teachers are placed in government offices. Some teachers are involved in non-academic work. There are also many schools where there are no warriors, even babu for a long time. The teacher also does his job. In such a situation, education will be affected and children will start dropping out of school.

dropout rate

school level girls yoga

Elementary School 0.88 0.59 0.74

SMP 4.79 3.27 4.03

SMA 16.38 11.68 13.13

High School 11.18 8.10 9.64

Every effort is made to overcome the shortage of teachers

The government of Bhupesh Baghel in Chhattisgarh has been carrying out direct recruitment of teachers in the state after decades. Continuous efforts are being made to fill the positions of 14 thousand 580 teachers. The government should not compromise the quality of education in any way. It is true that teachers are not available in some areas. We also have to recruit contract teachers. We will also work further on teacher rationalization. Efforts are underway to provide teachers in teacherless schools.

– dr. Premsai Singh Tekam, Minister of School Education, Chhattisgarh . Government

The government must change policies

Every teacher wants to get a job at school comfortably. This situation is also seen in many schools in the city where mathematics teachers teach geography. The government must make a transfer policy that requires a minimum of two years of teaching in forest areas. The shortage of teachers in Mathematics, Science and English has been a problem for many years. There is also a need to relax teacher hiring qualifications to reduce vacancies. Engineers can also be hired to teach mathematics.

– Dr. Jawahar Soorsetty, Educator, Chhattisgarh

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