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Bike racing is an activity that requires skill and shrewdness, style and even speed. Therefore, this competition is divided into several types according to the terrain or terrain trackhe.

Types of Bike Racing Games

XC Bike Racing Games

Bike racing is distinguished in several types of games. Each category has a variety of tracks or track. So the assessment will be based on the rules that have been made to limit the competition to make it more exciting and challenging. Here’s the review:

1. XC (Cross Country)

Cross Country is a bicycle racing competition whose trajectory is uneven or commonly known as off road so players must have expertise in mastering the field. So it’s not only enough to be able to operate it, but here mastery of skills is also the most important thing needed.

In this match there are rules that allow the assistance of technicians on special zone. However, the mechanical team has been previously appointed so they are not allowed to bring their own, because it has been prepared by the organizers.

2. DH (Decreased)

Downhill is also known as Gravity. This competition is a bicycle racing category through a downhill off road track. Victory is judged by the shortest speed gain, so who reaches the line complete first then he is the winner.

The type of bicycle that is suitable for use in the competition category has used a rather long suspension travel. That way, when going through an uneven track, it can be safer with a distance track maximum

3. 4X (Four Crosses)

In this bicycle racing game consists of 4 players. They will compete to be the first to make it through the downhill trajectory. The time is limited to a maximum of 60 seconds, so each contestant will try to be as short as possible to the line complete.

Due to the short travel time, it causes friction between players. However, in the Four Cross match, this condition can still be tolerated by the judges. With a record all within reasonable limits and is a healthy competition.

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4. DONE (Enduro)

Enduro is a type of bicycle racing game through two stages, namely: internship link and time stages. The results of the two steps will be added to the travel time. The trajectory used is track Combinations include, narrow, wide, fast and slow.

internship link is a stage in the form of activities to lift a bicycle, a challenge to climb an incline, and other combinations that are no less exciting. However, the path must be really passable, it should not be too difficult to access.

5. SD (Super D)

Super D is a combination of Downhill and Cross Country. On the track there is access to an incline with a distance of 100 to 500 meters. So it takes a type of bike that is specifically for this kind of terrain.

In this match, using the Start Le Mans concept, the travel time is calculated from the player not yet riding his bicycle. So the contestants will immediately run when the whistle is sounded. Therefore, agility and shrewdness are needed so as not to experience losing the start at the beginning.

6. FR (Free Ride)

This match is not judged by speed because here it is only concerned with skill and style. So the player who gets to the finish first is not necessarily the winner because of style, the choice of track is also a consideration.

The track in this competition category has many types of roads, namely downhill, uphill and full of obstacles. So don’t stick to 1 kind track course, because there will be many surprises encountered in the game.

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7. MTBO (Mountain Bike Orienteering)

This bike racing game, is more focused on finding directions or access roads on off road tracks. Usually this game is played in the forest so that the excitement is more felt because you have to solve puzzles to achieve this game complete.

So on this game to hit the line complete have to use the help of a special tool as a navigator so that even in the forest, it will be easier to find access to the road. Usually equipment it is placed on handlebar mountain bike so easy to see.

8. DS (Dual Slalom)

Dual Slalom is a cycling competition where the participants consist of two people with a system that is competed together like a ski competition. So each contestant will stand side by side in one lane.

The track of the Dual Slalom game uses jumps, obstacles and embankments, but all of them are artificial not from nature itself or original. Therefore, players must have the agility to face every challenge.

9. Bike Trial

In line with the development of the era, the type of bicycle racing competition also experienced rapid progress so that more and more various kinds of competitions were added. Both in terms of trajectory or technical matches, the criteria are increasingly diverse.

The Bike Trials game is not like other bicycle races that require high speed to reach the line complete. Here you will see a lot of unique obstacles and each player must not lower their feet to the ground.

10. DJ (Jump Poop)

In this type of bicycle racing game, look more at skill and style. So players don’t have to reach the line complete as fast as possible, just have to go through slope and jump which has been previously designed with a slightly larger shape than normal.

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In this competition, contestants have to show their skills in presenting a unique and interesting cycling style. So the player will show attractions such as flying his bicycle or lifting it until the front tire goes up.

11. 24 Hours Mountain Bike Racing

The 24 Hour Mountain Bike Races can be played by teams or individuals. The concept used here is cycling for a full day. The point is that the winner will be achieved by the contestant with the furthest distance.

Here what is judged is the distance that the bicycle has reached, so speed is not taken into account because there is no travel time limitation so that the contestants are more free. In this case, the preparation of provisions must be considered carefully because this also affects the stamina of the participants.

Those are some types of bicycle racing games along with their rules and trajectories. In the game of bicycle racing, it is not only about the champion, but also the security side. Because cyclists wear cycling gear security complete, from bicycle jerseys, helmets to shoes. This sport is indeed quite healthy, to add to the excitement of participating in competitions like the one above, it is an interesting thing to try.

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