Mother Feels Burning Degrees, Can’t Teach Children to Answer 1st Grade Maths Questions “Killing”

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We often compare how much fun it is for children to study abroad. The concept is to educate and interest them according to their age. But when our education system is studied, there are already too many complaints about it. The redundant problem is KBAT, heavy school bags and many more.

Recently, a mother expressed her feelings where she felt like burning her degree because she couldn’t help her son in first grade answer the questions given. He could answer but explaining it was difficult.

Reading her sharing, Nur Atiqah Zulkiplee on her fb and this issue apparently got a response from mothers who complained about the same thing.

I’m still looking for the logic of asking this question to 1st graders.

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The boy wanted to buy an eraser and was satisfied with the coins, but the balance was wrong again. Even underwear is sometimes worn sideways, not to mention the school hijab.

I am afraid to buy food in the canteen. Snot up your sleeves again!

Should we burden our child’s brain with pressure that can interfere with the development of our child’s soft skills?

This Zara, even when it was a cipher, she could understand the concept of multiples and ciphers up to cipher 6, Zara already wrote it.

He wrote it sloppily, then handed it “mama, now the code is 6”.

That means he is not a child who has problems in learning.

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But if you look at this question, is this an agenda to train children to become robots?

Mom suddenly felt like burning the scroll..

Mom made a 22k loan to be able to roll in math, but still can’t teach a first grader to do schoolwork in math? I don’t know who’s at fault, I don’t know..

About textbooks for class 1 national schools.

Mama can answer, but I want to explain with a child’s level of understanding, child’s language, take a look!

Seriously illogical.

For me, questions like this can turn off a child’s interest.
If questions like this are used for PBD scores or something else, I wouldn’t be surprised if my child was able to get a TP1! Where do vultures go to school?

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We ourselves can judge the ability of our children ACCORDING to his AGE DEVELOPMENT!

Ish emo. That’s why he had to be appointed as the PIBG committee.
Because there are many complaints
See you later.. good night.

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