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At this time, indeed, Garena Free Fire has provided a lot of very interesting events, one of which is the Mystery Shop FF.

Surely you are already familiar when you hear this Mystery Shop FF free fire event.

Because indeed this one event is one event that is really very interesting.

In this event, you can easily get various kinds of premium skins in it.

As you also know that free fire is one of the best-selling online games and also very popular in Indonesia itself.

The goal of this game is quite easy, you just need to get booyah, if you can defeat all the enemies.

Garena as well as the developer of free fire, very often provides various kinds of events which of course are very interesting for you to participate in.

And also the events they hold are quite frequent, because free fire provides events almost every month.

Not only events, but free fire also often provides various kinds of very cool discounts.

In this discount, you can get various kinds of bundles, elite passes and other interesting items.

Not only that, however, there are also many discounts which of course are very attractive.

One of the most sought after discounts by free fire players is the elite pass and also the change name card.

What is FF Mystery Shop

What is Ff Mystery Shop

For those of you who are new players, it must be very foreign to hear the name Mystery Shop FF.

Because the Mystery Shop itself is an event that has been around for a very long time.

However, for players who have been playing free fire for a long time, they are certainly familiar.

Free fire itself is a game that can be considered quite old, because it has been around since 2017.

And until now, it is still busy being played by children and other teenagers.

And for the Mystery Shop FF event itself, it was released not far from the game’s release.

In this event, you will easily get various skins and bundles.

You can get all the skins in it in a fairly free and cheap way.

Therefore, don’t miss out on not participating in this one event.

Because it can be said that this one event is very profitable for you free players.

Because basically, if you are free fire lovers, of course you won’t miss participating in this one event.

In the Mystery Shop, you can get a very big discount, the discount starts from 45% to 95%.

That’s all you can get from how lucky you are or commonly called hockey.

For those of you who are still wondering about the appearance of this event, you don’t need to worry, because we will tell you below.

When will Mystery Shop FF appear?

When Does Mystery Shop Ff Appear?

Of course, many of you are still asking questions about when the Mystery Shop FF event will come.

For that, we will tell it for all of you who are very curious.

According to the information we have received, the schedule for the appearance of this event will be held in February.

Of course, this arrival has been eagerly awaited by the many players and survivors of free fire.

Usually, the Mystery Shop FF event is held together with other big events that will also appear.

And what is certain is that all the events that will be held are very interesting and also very cool.

Therefore, if necessary, you can record it, so you won’t forget when this event will be present.

For those of you who are still asking questions about the contents of the items in this event.

So we will tell you below, therefore, don’t miss it to listen to this article to the end.

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List of Items in the Latest FF Mystery Shop

List of Items in the Latest Mystery Shop FF

Apart from waiting for the release date, many players are also waiting for the contents of this one event.

You also need to know that from Garena Free Fire itself, there is still no leak about this.

However, according to the information we have obtained, that there are indeed many prizes that you can get in it.

One of the events in it that is the target of players is the elite pass and also various other premium items.

Not only that, there are also ko bundles and several other items which of course are very cool if you have them.

For that, we will inform all of you, and we have also provided a list below.

  1. Lab Giant Bundle
  2. Soulless Conqueror
  3. Soulless Avenger Pack Skin
  4. Soulless Taco Skin
  5. Wasteland Wanderers Bundle
  6. And many others
  7. Elite pass
  8. Incubator ticket voucher
  9. Diamond Royale Vouchers
  10. Royal Weapon Voucher
  11. Purple Color Bundle
  12. Change Business Card

Those are some of the lists above that we have provided for all of you, however, not everything that we have provided above will be present later.

And what is even more certain is that there are still many prizes that will be presented by Garena Free Fire later.

Because it’s not only bundles and items, but there are also really cool weapon skins and steps.

One of them is a shotgun skin, ak 47, scar and many others that you can get in the event.

We have got a leak of the skin which will be released later on February 9th.

Because there are so many skin shotguns that have been eyeing it.

Because it has skin stats it’s “api rite++ and reload speed+” and also arguably one of the most “Over Power” weapons or commonly referred to as OP.

Mystery Shop FF benefits

Mystery Shop Ff Keuntungan Benefits

Of course there are many benefits that you can get if you have participated in this one event.

One of them is that if you buy an item or bundle not from the event, of course you will get a fairly expensive price.

But it’s different if you buy all of these items from the Mystery Shop FF event, because you can get them at a fairly cheap price.

Of course this is very profitable for you, because in addition to a fairly cheap price, you will also look very cool.

You also need to know that this Mystery Shop event only lasts about 3 to 7 days.

So, for those of you who want to follow it, don’t miss it.

Because this event didn’t last long enough, you have to keep an eye on this event.

And the Mystery Shop FF event is also very different from other events, because this event is only held once every two months.

Unlike other regular events, which will be held every month.

If you missed this mystery shop event, then you have to wait again for the next event.

And if you are lazy to find information about other ff events, then you can just read this article that we have prepared for you.

The final word

That’s the information we have provided for all of you about the Mystery Shop FF event.

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For those of you who are looking for other information, then you look for it here by just reading this article that we have created.

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