Netflix Can’t Open Cause & How To Fix It 2022

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Have you ever had problems with Netflix not being able to open? If so, do you know how to fix it?

If you have a problem with Netflix not opening on your cellphone, then don’t panic. We will provide you with information regarding the matter.

However, before that we will provide you with detailed information about Netflix itself so that you understand better.

Recently, the Netflix application is being discussed by many people because this application has been widely used.

The Netflix application is an application that you can use to watch movies, Korean dramas, TV shows or others.

To be able to use this Netflix application you must subscribe and have a Netflix account first so you can watch comfortably.

The more people come here, the more people who want to find applications that can be used to watch Korean movies or dramas.

Because indeed in the midst of a pandemic situation like today, many people want to find tools to relieve their boredom.

The feeling of boredom that is felt is caused by the Corona virus which is rampant in Indonesia and even the whole world.

We are not allowed to leave the house a lot because of this virus, that’s why many people are looking for this self-consolation tool.

Well, with this Netflix application, we can watch movies or watch anything just by lying down at home.

As long as we use a strong internet we can comfortably watch movies available in this Netflix application.

However, lately many people are having problems with their Netflix application, namely Netflix Indonesia cannot be opened.

Of course, there must be a cause for this problem. Do you know the cause? If not, then you can read our explanation.

The following is an explanation that we will provide regarding the causes and how to solve Netflix not opening.

Cause Netflix Error Today And Can’t Open

Maybe for those of you who are having problems with Netflix not opening on your laptop, you are confused and wondering why this can happen?

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Indeed, Netflix in Indonesia has very strict regulations, such as there are several films that are blocked because the film is considered pornographic.

In fact, Indonesia often blocks the Netflix application. Even though besides all that, this application provides a lot of quality films.

These quality films can be a place for you to add insight and also an effective learning place.

Well, apart from this blocking factor, it turns out that there are other causes that can cause your Netflix application to not open.

Do you want to know? Just look at this explanation.

Netflix Service Blocked

Netflix Can't Open

Are you one of the people who subscribe to indihome? If so, have you ever had a problem with Netflix not opening on Indihome?

Indeed, Indihome or Telkomsel have been blocked from reaching Netflix, not only in the application, even the official website has also been blocked.

Using Unofficial Netflix Plans

Indeed, now there are many who trade Netflix packages on social media such as Instagram, Twitter and others and some are selling on e-commerce.

Well, for those of you who bought a Netflix package not on the official website or application, that is one of the reasons why your Netflix can’t be opened.

Netflix App Not Yet-Renew

Netflix Can't Open

Often we are lazy to update the Netflix application because the application can still run smoothly and be used for watching.

However, if you have not done renew your Netflix application, then this is one of the causes of your Netflix application cannot be opened.

Subscription Packages No Longer Valid

Netflix Can't Open

If you are one of the people who are having problems with your Netflix application, you can’t open it and also this error.

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So we suggest you to check the subscription package that you have, it could be out of stock and no longer valid.

Wrong VPN Application Used

Wrong VPN Application Used

If you use a VPN application to help you use and watch through the Netflix application, then you must be careful in using a VPN.

It could be that the VPN application you are using is wrong because not all VPN applications can support being used for the Netflix application.

How to Solve the Netflix App Can’t Open

How to Solve the Netflix App Can't Open

After you know the cause of the problem you are experiencing, then you must also know how you can do to overcome it.

Indeed, lately many Netflix app users have had problems and wondered why Netflix couldn’t be opened on Samsung and so on.

Well, here we will provide you with information so that you can solve your Netflix problem and cannot be opened.

You can see the information we have prepared for you below so you can find out and be able to watch Netflix movies again.

Using Special Applications For Netflix In Indihome And Telkomsel

For you Indihome and Telkomsel users, you can use a special application to keep watching using Netflix.

To make it more clear, you can see the information below which we will convey to you so that you can find out.

  1. For PC or Laptop devices, you can watch Netflix by activating the connection via the application “Adguards for Windows” available and on your device.
  2. For Android devices, you can watch Netflix using “Intra Application” and you don’t forget to activate this application when you want to watch.
  3. And for iOS devices, you can watch Netflix by trying using “DMS Cloak Application or Intra Application”.

Updating the Netflix App

This one thing is the very first thing you have to do, which is to check whether your Netflix application has been updated or not.

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If you haven’t updated your Netflix application, then we recommend that you update it so you can watch again using Netflix.

If you are using Android you can update at Play Store and if you use iOS you update on App store.

Checking Subscription Packages

If your Netflix application can’t be opened, then you have to check your viewing subscription package, if it’s still up, you have to buy another package.

If you are still confused about how to check it, then we will give you the steps as follows.

  • you open “Browser” on your cellphone, then you open the official Netflix site after that you “Join” to your account.
  • Then you click “Menu”next you choose “Account”. Next you can choose “Billing Details” to be able to see your subscription package.
  • If you want to change the payment method, you can choose “Update Payment Info”then you change “Payment Details”.

Use Private DNS On Android Device

Use Private DNS On Android Device

If you are confused about choosing a VPN application to watch Netflix because not all VPN applications you can use to watch Netflix.

You can use and enable Private DNS on your Android device. You can also use Private DNS on other devices.


That’s the information we can convey to you about the causes and how to solve Netflix Unable to Open.

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Hopefully it can help and be useful. Thank you for visiting and reading the article and see you in the next article.

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