‘Nonsense!’ – Many Sellers Disagree Durian Must Use SIRIM Certification In 2023

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Most local durian sellers met by theSun newspaper said Malaysian Institute of Standards and Industry Research (SIRIM) certification for Musang King durians would weigh on their business and further drive up the price of the fruit.

The response received is a follow-up to SIRIM Perak Director Mohd Adzhar Ahmad’s recent statement about the agency’s plans to implement certification of the Musang King variant to ensure fruit quality and stabilize prices.

The standard is being developed by the Perak State Department of Agriculture together with the Malaysian Institute of Agricultural Research and Development (MARDI) and accreditation will be implemented before the end of this year.

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Durian seller Ah Hee, who runs Sinnaco’s Durian Specialist business in Petaling Jaya, described the idea as ‘nonsense’ and said SIRIM certification would not guarantee quality consistency as durian flesh does not vary from fruit to fruit in terms of quality. texture and taste.

“Producing the Musang King variant is a difficult process. It takes 20 to 30 years to grow a mature tree. Good weather, proper soil and sufficient fertilizer are needed. If one part of the farm had a slightly different soil, surely the fruit from the tree would taste a little different too. This certification means nothing to farmers and sellers.

“Even now, only 70% of Musang King’s production can be sold, while the rest is discarded because it does not meet market standards.

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If SIRIM insists on using its certification, actual production could drop by up to 30%. This will cause prices to rise even higher,” he said sun.

SIRIM durian

Ah Hee also said that from farm to shop, the seller has carried out thorough quality control for customers.

“It is difficult to meet every certification requirement because we always make sure the taste is good considering the high price that customers pay.

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“We cannot taste every fruit to ensure its quality. The natural taste of each variant differs from one fruit to another and this is based on the experience of the farmers themselves,” said Ah Hee again.

A roadside durian seller who only wants to be called Ling said the SIRIM certification only adds to the burden on the seller.

“If you put in a lot of terms and processes to sell Musang King, the supply will decrease and the price will increase.

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“Weasel King is already expensive now. We also have to pay our suppliers again. When the durian reaches consumers later, the price will definitely be much more expensive than the current price,” explained Ling.

The Penang Consumers Association (CAP) said it did not see the need to implement SIRIM certification for Musang King durians.

“Consumers will not benefit from this idea. There are more important things that require SIRIM certification, especially things that affect society, such as the electrical products we use or the food we eat,” explained CAP President Mohideen Abdul Kader.

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He added that the cost of SIRIM certification will be passed on to consumers and this will definitely increase the price of durian.

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Source: TheSunDaily

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