Official Cause of Anne Heche’s Death Revealed

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Anne Hechethe official cause of death was revealed.

As we’ve already reported, the 53-year-old actress was behind the wheel of her Mini Cooper when she crashed into a house in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles on August 5 during a series of car accidents. The impact caused a large fire to erupt, resulting in severe burns to Anne and the owner of the house Lynne Michele lost his property.

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He remained in a coma and critical for nearly a week before it was sadly revealed that he would not survive. It volcano The star was later declared legally dead on Friday but his body remained on support for several days to have his organs removed for donation.

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Now, the Los Angeles County Examiner has shared more details about his tragic death. Based on TMZ, the manner in which his death was registered as an accident, and noted that he died from smoke inhalation and thermal injuries stemming from the horrific and fiery accident. The LA County Examiner also cited that a large factor in his death stemmed from a broken sternum as a result of blunt trauma – meaning his chest was crushed in a car crash.

Such a sad situation…

We keep his loved ones and friends in our minds during this difficult time.

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