Pastor Rebukes “Broke” Congregations For Not Getting Movado Watch, Apologizes After Calling Them “Poor, Broken”

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A Missouri pastor apologized after a video of him berating his congregation for not buying him a Movado watch went viral last week, where he was heard telling them they were “poor, broke, and broken.”

On Tuesday, Carlton Funderburke, Senior Pastor at Wells Church in Kansas City, posted an apology videos for the “unforgivable” statement he made during the sermon on August 7.

Pastor Apologizes After “Movado Watch” Sermon Goes Viral

“While there is context behind the content of the clip, there is not enough context to explain the pain and sadness my words have caused. I have spoken to those responsible and have received their corrections and instructions,” he said. “I also personally apologize to our church, who have given me their love and support.”

A clip of the sermon, posted to TikTok, shows Funderburke as he calls his members to disrespect him with a Movado watch, which he added can be purchased at Sam’s Club.

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He then asked the congregation, “I’m not worth your McDonald’s… Red Lobster money?…. I don’t deserve Louis Vuitton…. St John’s Knitted? – You won’t be able to afford it. ”

Pastor Asks Members “I’m Not Worth Your McDonald’s Money? Your Louis Vuitton? Your Prada?”

“This is how I know you are still poor, broke, broken and disgusted, for the way you respect me. I’m not worth your McDonald’s money? I’m not worth your Red Lobster money? I don’t deserve your St John Knits – you can’t afford it anyway. I don’t deserve all of you Louis Vuitton? I’m not worthy of your Prada? I’m no match for your Gucci?” he said in the nearly one-minute clip.

He can be heard telling the congregation he had asked for a year ago, but “it’s all the way in August and I still haven’t gotten them,” before calling them “cheap.”

“And you know I asked one year ago. It’s all the way in August and I still haven’t got it,” he said. “You didn’t say anything. Let me break down the door and talk to my cheap son and daughter. ”

Movado Watch Prices Start From $350 to $3,295 For More Expensive Models

Fast Google a search for Movado watches shows prices ranging from $350 for the cheaper model to $3,295 for the more expensive model.

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The model sells for Sam’s Club usually costs between $350 to $450.

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