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Making payments using contactless is a very efficient way to use in modern times like today. One of the payment methods using contactless is using Google Pay.

With technology like this, the process of sending and transferring money will be more accessible than ever. Because almost most banks have also accepted mobile payment methods.

The use of GooglePay for Android is currently only for the San Francisco bay area, but it is possible that it will continue to grow until it can be used in all parts of the world.

The enforcement comes months after Google started adding payment methods for public transportation and parking. How to use it you must first have a Clipper card to transfer it to a virtual card.

However, everything can be simplified again once you add it to the virtual card. The card uses NFC, so it can be used to make payments by touching the back of the phone.

All card data such as balance, ID number, etc. will be automatically copied to the mobile device. Then the data will be synced again when using Google Pay.

While Clipper makes the transition from physical cards easier, it has one significant drawback. Once the card is connected to the mobile app, your virtual payment card will be disabled immediately.

RTC cardholders must keep their physical card. Because in the initial release of the application to use Google pay it was on the Play Store, the application still has some NFC failures. So if you want to switch to using this payment method, you have to rethink.

Currently Google has not added any paid public options to its app. According to The Verge, the possibility of taking train tickets can also directly use maps, but this is only a plan for the future.

Google Pay Security

GPay payment

Google will protect data information because when transacting data and numbers will be encrypted while in other words not using the actual number.

In the event of a device loss, the user can access it via a computer with a Google account. From there you can lock, search, or delete all data on the device.

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