Point of View – Definition, Types, Examples, Functions Wtchonline
Point of View – Definition, Types, Examples, Functions Wtchonline

Point of View – Definition, Types, Examples, Functions Wtchonline

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Articles of papers regarding discussion Viewpoint The first person includes understanding, types, benefits, examples and pictures so that they are easy to understand.

In a fiction story, sometimes there are various points of view so that it has a vocabulary that is very easy to understand because it is often used as writing to determine the course of the story. thus point of view has pronouns in the third person.

Here we will explain in the article below:

Definition of Point of View

Viewpoint is one method that can be used as a writing to position yourself from the author by looking at several stories with the composition that will be created.

In a story essay that is always about the meaning from the point of view because it can use the storyline with the story contained in the story itself.

Thus, we must understand the meaning of the point of view so that we can make an interesting story because it contains fiction.

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Viewpoint Type

From some of the comments above, here are also several types that are found in the point of view itself, including the following.

A. Perspective as Primary Actors

In a point of view with a technique that can tell of various events with behaviors that can be experienced so that it will have good qualities that are interconnected in a story center itself.

All events that contain “Si” and “I” are actions that can be told if they are related to themselves as having in freedom from the problems told.

As an example
This morning the weather is so sunny that it can change the mood of my peaceful soul because it can also relieve a tired soul because of a lot of work.

But I have to get up and be able to do the job with the finish and be able to rush to the company where I work so that there are no mistakes in acting. and can make a report to the company….

B. Point of View as Side Actors

In a point of view by having an “I” character who can appear as the main character in addition to bringing a story to every reader.

The story characters also have many appearances and can bring their stories with various events and can also be affiliated with other story characters.

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As an example
Deru has many vehicles that are very beautiful and quality and the vehicles are very distracting to the senses so that I live in a metropolitan city by organizing my heart and being able to face the atmosphere of this big city.

But this time I could not avoid this task that I got, so it is said that I am the person needed to be able to participate in advancing a company in the area where I work.

And it turned out that I was the only one who experienced the mutation of my dorm friend, nothing similar to what happened to me, I had to adjust to the atmosphere of the city of Jakarta.

I can also stress that every day I have to be stuck in a traffic jam like this, the efforts of the DKI City Government cannot solve this problem of congestion in Jakarta….

C. Third-person Omniscient Point of View

In the point of view by having a story that will be told from a point of view including “He” so that the author can tell things well at the source of “he”.

This is a story that has a toho by moving with its storyline “he” so that it can “hide” with actions in the form of thoughts and feelings from the motivational word clearly in a real speech or action.

As an example
It had been exactly two months since I had become a newcomer to the complex. but I have never met the people who live in the housing, because I rarely leave the house.

Is he too busy with business? But, it’s time to go to town. I have nothing to lose because people don’t care about me either…

One time he had a guest from a neighbor so even though I had relatives in the housing he didn’t like it either.

D. Third Person Point of View as Observer

In this point of view, sometimes the word “he” is very limited so that “he” can be described in the story by a character from a limited number of people and has an essay with effective sentences.

The character of this story may have enough because it is a character by offering a figure of himself similar to the first character.

As an example
“I don’t know what will happen to him so that he will come by scolding me, Indeed I seem to have a lot of problems,,,, but if you look at the look on his face, there are so many words and enemies”.

But it seems that he also has various diseases, because his lips are very dry and his face is very pale, his hair is also very tangled like it hasn’t been washed by water but they dare to reprimand him. Aren’t you afraid he’s angry…

That’s all we can say about the discussion from the point of view and its types as well as some examples, hopefully with this article it can be useful and useful for all of us, thank you so much

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