Proposal at NDMC to declare Arvind Kejriwal seat vacant
Proposal at NDMC to declare Arvind Kejriwal seat vacant

Proposal at NDMC to declare Arvind Kejriwal seat vacant

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New Delhi City Council (NDMC) Member Kuljeet Chahal Wednesday moved a resolution to expel Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal from the council citing his absence from council meetings for four months.

According to officials present at the meeting, Chahal moved the resolution on Wednesday, and the chairman put it forward for the next meeting for discussion and a vote. CM is also present on Wednesday.

The official said NDMC members submitted a copy of the resolution on Monday. The proposal received approval from the other four NDMC members.

Chahal said that according to section 8(2) of the NDMC Act, 1994, “if for three consecutive months, a member without the permission of the council, is absent from all his meetings, the council may recommend the central government that the seat of that council member be declared empty”. As per the resolution, CM, who is an ex-officio member of the NDMC and is a New Delhi constituency MLA, did not attend the council meetings for four months, from December 2021 to March this year, allegedly without the council’s permission. .

“Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of the NDMC Act, the council may recommend to the central government that the seat … be declared vacant with a recommendation to initiate further necessary actions,” Chahal said in the resolution.

The Delhi government did not respond to messages seeking comment.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. NDMC members had raised a similar issue a few months ago after the CM attended the last two board meetings.

Chahal said, “I have also asked for a recommendation from the legal department and they have also sent a report saying that it is legally possible to declare a seat vacant… So, in the next meeting, a vote will be taken and then it will be recommended. to the central government for a final decision on this matter.”

“As per the provisions laid down in the NDMC statute, the council has the power to recommend the central government to issue a member’s seat vacation declaration …,” said a report by the legal department.

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