Psiphon Pro MOD APKs
Psiphon Pro MOD APKs

Psiphon Pro MOD APKs

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Psiphon Pro MOD APK (MOD Subscription) is a VPN application that helps users access blocked websites while creating privacy and security while browsing the internet.

Introduction to Psiphon Pro

Everything you are looking for is available on the internet. However, sometimes you may not be able to access the site due to reasons such as distance, geographic location, or inappropriate content. And from there, a fake VPN or IP service was born to solve this problem. Psiphon Pro is one of them, it is an advanced version of the Psiphon app with more advanced features. Use Psiphon Pro to bypass your country’s firewalls and censorship, website owners, and explore endless content stores on the web.

Psiphon Pro MOD APKs

Secure access when using public Wi-Fi

Today, you can easily find and use public Wi-Fi spots wherever you go. It has become popular because it gives people easy access to the Internet whenever they want. However, there are some dangers. Hackers can rely on these links to read browsing data, hack devices, install malware, or even steal personal information. Psiphon Pro protects users by creating separate access tunnels, creating walls to prevent third party threats. Therefore, you can rest assured to browse the web. If you don’t want to enable secure connections for all your devices, you can also enable each browser individually.

Big server network

Psiphon Inc is one of the best VPN service developers out there. They have thousands of servers all over the world. This has a number of advantages, such as keeping your VPN connection stable. If this server is down, your connection is automatically transferred to another server so as not to interfere with the line. The second advantage is that too much access is no longer concentrated on one server. It significantly increases download speed, keeps bandwidth at a stable and unobtrusive level. The third advantage is that the application always gives you priority to connect to the nearest server to improve data transfer and exchange performance.

Quick access

Thanks to the ability to automatically find and connect to the nearest server, the access speed is greatly increased. Even though it is only a free app, Psiphon Inc does not provide poor quality service. Compared to other VPN apps, Psiphon Pro does not limit the speed so you can get the best experience. It is for this reason that it gains a large number of monthly active users. Don’t forget to provide access and location for Psiphon Pro before using it.


Another benefit that I haven’t mentioned before is Analytics. Here you know that all data has been sent, received, and the total connected time. It is displayed as a pulse table, which is updated in real time, making the tracking process more visualized. If you notice bad bandwidth and connection, you can enable latency.

Reasons why you should use Psiphon Pro

If you pay for the Pro version, you have advanced settings in settings. First, for manual proxy customization, Psiphon Pro will receive information such as the proxy server IP address, proxy port, username, password, and associated domain. Specifically, you can enable authentication or connect via HTTP, depending on your intended use.

Second, all servers and access areas are unlocked. In the options interface, double-click the region selection. They all appear for you to choose from. However, if you want to have the best access performance, you should leave it in automatic mode.

Finally, the ability to access and exchange data in parallel based on many protocols, the most popular today being HTTP/HTTPS or TCP. This ensures faster data transfer and transfer speed and ensures that the process is not corrupted.

Psiphon Pro version MOD APK

MOD Features

  • Subscribe, no speed limit.
  • Remove the PsiCash tab.
  • Turn off ANALYTICS.
  • Disable opening the browser after connecting.

Download Psiphon Pro MOD APK For Android

There are many VPN service providers, but Psiphon Inc has always been a priority for many. Their services are good and fulfill the needs that the users are looking for. You can verify it after using Psiphon Pro. Download this app via the link below. It’s completely free.

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