Racing Bike Handlebars That Can Be Option
Racing Bike Handlebars That Can Be Option

Racing Bike Handlebars That Can Be Option

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In this Covid-19 pandemic season, cycling has become a rising trend amid limited access to visit several places. However, even so, this bicycle is one of the booming means of transportation. Even the handlebars of racing bicycles are also included in the search for some buyers.

What are the Types of Racing Bike Handlebars?

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Racing bicycles have a characteristic that is a head or the handlebar is equipped with a drop, often called dropbar. If you are a layman on this means of transportation, maybe it will look the same. However, it turns out to have different forms depending on usage. The following will present the types:

1. Traditional Drop Bar

The use of drop bars on racing bikes also depends on the type of specialist racer. If you focus on sprinterthen the traditional type becomes the right tool for him so that it will be easier and according to his needs.

This is because the drop is quite wide and parallel to the road taken. That way, when the racer is in position run fast and saddleit will be more comfortable and steady to hold.

The comfortable effect can also be felt in a state when using it at high speed. In addition, the position hijab the lower one is very likely to move aggressively every time.

2. Compact Drop Bar

If you want to buy a bicycle handlebar that is the latest at this time, then type drop this is what is more common. For new racing bike users, usually will also choose this one type.

Type compact drop bar This is usually worn by racers who want to be more aggressive and aero. Thus, making speed or better speed when using it on the road.

Although it has many advantages, it is undeniable that if compact drop bar also has some drawbacks. That is, if it is used for sprints and if the condition is saddle of, not quite more (drops that are not parallel to the road).

3. Drop Bar Anatomy

Anatomical descent The bar is created for enthusiasts and prioritizing comfort when riding a bicycle. Even so, it does not mean that this type is the choice of all racers, because each individual must have his own type.

Apart from offering convenience, drob trunk anatomy it also presents an aggressive impression (as served from the traditional type). This uniqueness is obtained from the combination of the two types of racing bicycle handlebars.

Although you can get both effects combined in this anatomic drob bar, that doesn’t mean there are no shortages of this type among all racing handlebars. That is, the level is not as high as the other two competitors.

Here are the types of handle bars or handlebars based on the type of bicycle

Handlebars By Bike Type

Head bar become one of the important components in this vehicle, serves as a control and balancer. The following will review the types of handlebars based on the bike:

1. BMX

Head bar This is used to prioritize rider comfort. This type of handlebar is easier to find on children’s and adult’s bicycles. The difference between BMX and city ​​bike is the presence of a bar in the middle.

Usually BMX is used for attractions or bicycle sports by showing skill specifically in the form of the art of beautiful riding. That way, the user will maneuver to freestyle easier and safer.

Because it can’t be separated from the design which is intended for racing-style activities motor cross and also freestylethe strength of the material is made more durable and resistant to excessive shock.

2. City Bike

city ​​bike is a type of bicycle that is designed so that the rider is comfortable when using it. No wonder the riders can feel more enjoying the trip with a relaxed and comfortable to use to get around the city.

Shape of head which is presented on the type of bicycle city This bike, designed with a curved shape in the middle. With a fairly protruding arch to the front.

It is intended that the rider can sit in a position that is not too inclined and also not too lying down. That way, you can be maximized when enjoying cycling activities while sitting relaxed with a swing that is not burdensome.

3. Road or Racing Bike

As discussed earlier, racing bicycle handlebars have head which vary (especially in the drob bar), namely, traditional, anatomical and compact. Among the bicycles that are intended for other activities, road bike it has its own uniqueness.

The two ends are curved like sheep’s horns, or commonly referred to as drop bars. The shape allows it to be used so that the rider’s body tends to lean forward, so that the position is aerodynamic and makes it more free to go fast.

The position of the steering wheel has two options, namely the top and bottom. Although it will cause the rider’s body to lean forward. The lower steering wheel is usually used when the position is run fast so the speed will increase.

4. MTB

This type of MTB bike is the most hits and familiar bicycle in this season. The form is used to be able to bulldoze all the tracks that are present. In other words, this type of mountain bike has head diverse.

Usually the MTB bicycle headle bar is a flat or flat crossbar, but over time it has developed into two types. Namely the straight handlebar, the shape is simple and designed straight for strength and durability. This provides comfort especially when combined with a bicycle jersey for rider safety.

As for the bent handlebar, it is used for cycling on mountainous terrain and extreme trails. Usually available on MTB all mountain track, downhill, long travel cross country, and free ride.

That was a review of the shape of a racing bicycle handlebar and also others, that you need to know. This is certainly useful if you intend to become a cycling racer athlete, as well as when you are starting to learn the knick-knacks of this eco-friendly means of transportation.

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