Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One!
Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One!

Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One!

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Brody is a Mobile Legends hero who occupies the Marksman role with a Burst/Reap specialty. When playing Brody, you don’t need to be afraid to attack the enemy, because this hero has Damage Very large. In addition, the skill range is also quite far. So you have to know what Brody’s build hurts at this time.

When in position with oneBrody has the advantage to give effect stun to the enemy. So that it can make it easier for him to win the battle. If only your macro and micro are good when playing it, then this hero can be bring which is good for the team, despite being under pressure.

Well, before knowing what Brody’s build recommendations are in Mobile Legends. There’s nothing wrong with listening to an explanation of the skills it has. Instead of lingering, let’s take a look at the information below.

Brody Mobile Legends Skill Explanation

Brody's Orchemist
Build Brody Sick | UHDPaper

Brody is a hero with a fairly easy mechanic, so for players who are new to playing Mobile Legends it will be easy to master it. The most important thing is that you must be able to keep your distance from the enemy. Because Brody has Attack speed low, have no skills blinkand can onlykey one hero only.

In addition, Brody also has continuity The low one. When faced with a hero type Explosive damagethen he will be overwhelmed if he doesn’t have an item Defense. Even though it’s mighty in earlier game, but it feels like Brody will feel useless when the game enters late game.

Well, to be able to understand how to use his skills and combine them with Brody’s build options hurts. Please see the explanation below.

Passive Skill (Abyss Corrosion)

With Basic Attack which resonates with the Abyss Power within his body, Brody can move armpits using Basic Attack (which will stop when using skill), but has Animation basic attack longer and Bonus Attack speed the lower one.

Every Basic Attack give (+140% Total Physical attack) (+35* Level Hero) Physical damage (scale Damage with Level cannot be Critical), increase Movement speedit is 30% (which will decrease rapidly in 1.2 seconds), and leaves 1 stack Sign of the gap to the opponent, to 4 stack.

Every stack Abyss Mark upgrade Damage that Brody gave to the target was 5% and Movement speedis 5%.

Skill 1 (Hell Impact)

Brody unleashes a Shock Wave in the specified direction, dealing 150 (+170% Total Physical attack) Physical damagecause effect Slow to the opponent for 30% for 1.2 seconds, and leaves 1 stack Hell’s Sign.

As the Shock Wave moves, for every opponent it hits Hitgive 10% Damage addition. Cause effect Slow an additional 5%, and leaving 1 stack Extra Abyss Mark, up to 130% Damage45% effect Slowand 4 stack. This skill only gives 80% Damage to Minions.

Skill 2 (Corrosive Attack)

Brody dashes towards the opponent, dealing 200 (+70% Total Physical attack) Physical damage to the target, causing an effect stun on the target for 0.8 seconds, and leaves 1 stack from the Abyss mark to the target.

When hitting the target, he can move again in the direction of his movement, gaining 45% Movement speed which will decrease rapidly in 1.2 seconds.

Skill 3 (Memory Torn)

Brody locks all targets within 8 yards, dealing 340 (+180% Physical attack addition) Physical damage to them. If the target has an Abyss Mark, all Abyss Marks will be removed.Resetgive Physical Damage which is equivalent to 136 (+72% Physical attack Additional) plus 4% of the target’s lost HP for each stack that the target has.

Best Brody Skill Combo

Brody’s skill combo is very easy to do. Because agar Damage can be issued to the maximum, you must be able to take advantage of the Abyss Mark skill. The way is sure to do Basic Attack or skill 1.

If the Abyss Mark is maxed out, then the skill Final Brody will be in a lot of pain. Meanwhile, for the skill combination, you can use combo 1-Basic Attack-3. Skill 2 to give effect crowd control against the enemy.

Recommended Build Brody Sick 2022

Brody skin
Build Brody Sick | UHDPaper

Each player has their own choice of build items. Moreover, the selection of the build item depends on the situation and the enemies encountered in the game. Well, if you want to use Brody’s build recommendation, it hurts from Gamedaim Tipsthe following information.

1. Soldier Shoes

Build Uranus hurts Warrior Boots
Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One! 10

The first painful Brody build recommendation is definitely shoes. The recommended shoe items for Brody are soldier boots. Because this item will give extra +40 Movement speed and +22 Physical Defense.

In addition to Warrior Boots, you can also use Tough Boots if a lot of enemies give you Magic Damage.

2. Blade of Despair

Wake up Martis hurting the blade of despair
Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One! 11

The next painful Brody build is to use Sword of Despair. This item is most suitable for Brody to increase attributes Physical attack drastically. Item BOD will add +160 Physical attack and 5% Movement speed.

Unique Passive – Despair: Attacking an opponent whose HP is below 50% will increase Physical attack hero by 25% and this effect lasts for 2 seconds.

3. Brute Force Chest Guard

Build Brute Force Dyrroth Chest Guard
Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One! 12

Having previously purchased an item Attackthe next item is definitely the item Defense. Goods Brute Force Chest Guard suitable for use by Brody when in mid and late games. This item will be able to add +770 HP and +45 Physical Defense.

Unique Passive – Brute Force: Using skill or Basic Attack will add Movement speed by 2%. Physique & Magic Defense as much as 4. Lasts for 4 seconds. can be-stack up to 5 times.

4. Malefic Roar

Malefic Roar
Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One! 13

The sick Brody build recommendation that shouldn’t be forgotten next is Malefic Roar. This item is very suitable for use by Brody to improve Physical Penetration brdoy. With an additional +60 Physical attack, Damage from Brody will be felt even against heroes who have thick blood.

Unique Passive – Armor Buster: Every Physical Defense possessed by the opponent will increase Physical Penetration by 0.05% when giving Damage on it, is limited to 20%.

5. Natural Wind

Nature Wind
Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One! 14

As a Marksman hero, Brody is very vulnerable to being attacked by heroes Physique. To overcome this, you can use items Nature Wind. Because this item will add +30 Physical attack+20% Attack speedand +10% Physical Lifesteal.

Active Skill – Wind Chant: Immune against all Physical damage. Lasts for 2 seconds (Duration is reduced by half if used by non-Marksman heroes). Have Calm 70 seconds.

6. Immortality

Recommendations for Brody’s Build in Mobile Legends 2022, Enemies Don’t Dare By One! 15

The last sick Brody build recommendation is eternity. By using this item, you no longer need to be afraid of death. Because you have a spare life. You still have even a little time to ask a friend for help to do it backup. Immortality will also add 800 HP and 40 Physical Defense.

Immortality items are very important when the battle enters late games. Because with this item when you die, you will come back to life by getting 15% HP and Shield which can absorb 220-1200 Damage.

Unique Passive – Immotral: Revive 2.5 seconds after being eliminated and gains 15% HP and Shield which can absorb 220-1200 Damage. (Scales with hero level). Shield last for 3 seconds. This effect has Calm for 210 seconds.

In addition to the items above, you can also use the following options: Endless Battle, Demon Hunter Sword, Hunter Strike, Shield of Athena, or Radiant Armor.

Sick Brody Emblem Set

For the recommendation of the sickest Brody Emblem Set that you can use, that’s for sure Custom Marksman Emblems. By setting Courage (Physical attack +12.00), Agility (Movement speed +6.00%), and talent Weapon Master (Increase Physical attack obtained from Equipment and Emblems by 15%).

Brody’s Sick Battle Spell

Meanwhile, the recommendation for the best Brody battle spell is between Blink, Protectionor Purify. Each spell certainly has a different use, the most important thing is from the enemies faced in the game.

Well, that’s just information about the recommendation for Brody’s build in Mobile Legends 2022 that you can try. Keep visiting Gamedaim to always get the latest information about other Build Hero Mobile Legends.

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