Release Date And Rumors – Genshindata
Release Date And Rumors – Genshindata

Release Date And Rumors – Genshindata

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The Genshin Impact Sumeru region is an upcoming region in Genshin Impact. The areas in Genshin Impact are similar to countries in that they have their own culture and boundaries. Poised as a region that will introduce rainforests and deserts as terrain, this is one of the most eagerly awaited updates to enter Genshin Impact.

At the time of writing, Sumeru is expected to be introduced to the Genshin Impact world in Patch 3.0. The newest region currently in Genshin Impact is the Inazuma region which was introduced in Patch 2.0. In addition to new regions, this patch is also expected to introduce a new element called Dendro.


Sumeru Release Date

Genshin Impact Sumeru’s release date has not been officially confirmed. It is possible that Sumeru will launch with Version 3.0, which may follow after Update 2.8. If, as a rough estimate, 3.0 was released 6 weeks after 2.8 went live, Sumeru’s release date would probably be around August 24, 2022.

Sumerian Knowledge

Described as “All Rainforest and Desert” by Liben and simply “Desert” by Dainsleif, Sumeru is not a foreign land to some. People like Lisa have been to the area, even finishing their studies there before returning to Mondstadt. During the catastrophe, the main plot point in Genshin Impact where chaos and disaster occur, the former Dendro Archon is killed when the gods attack Khaenri’ah. Shortly after, the new Dendro Archon, the God of Wisdom, was born and took over.

After this, the sage Sumeru had abandoned all worldly desires and replaced them with the pursuit of esoteric wisdom. Nazafarin, a scholar who hails from Sumeru, claims that a mercenary faction called the Eremites has members with strange and formidable powers.

Sumerian Rumors

Information regarding upcoming content has not been confirmed and is subject to change when released.

A Tweet by leaker UBatcha, suggests that there may be some knowledge related to the “Ancestral” MC during the Sumeru arc. This is done through the “vision” that the MC sees. Apparently, many people saw a “vision” during the Sumeru arc and thus, it was also speculated that it might be a way to make contact with the archon. It’s probably safe to say that the “vision” mentioned here is not what gives the characters their power, but the actual vision in which a person sees something right in front of them whether it actually exists or not.


Similarly, another Tweet from the same leaker also suggests that there may be 2 new artifact sets in 3.0

  • A set that increases Dendro DMG and enemy debuffs so you can do more Dendro DMG
  • A set that increases Crit DMG and lowers DEF and Shield Strength

Sumerian Characters

To date, there are a few characters floating around, here are some of the characters that Leaker Uncle Bao tweeted:

  • Djajet
  • Lust
  • dori
  • Ikhfa
  • layla
  • sooutine
  • nilou
  • Tighnari – has long ears and a bow character. (Ubatcha leaker tweet)
  • Nahida
  • Baizhu
  • Collei – 4 Star Female Character (Tweet Leaker Ubatcha)
  • Cyno – Electro Polearm Character. Might release earlier to Sumeru patch but not 3.0 (UBatcha Tweet Leaker)
  • Scaramouche – Release probably around 3.2 (UBatcha Tweet Leaker)
  • Before
  • Captain
  • Su

Additionally, a Tweet by leaker UBatcha suggests that most of the characters released during the Sumeru arc will be focused around the new Dendro reaction.

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