Reviewing Sample Car Insurance Policies So You Don’t Get Confused Anymore
Reviewing Sample Car Insurance Policies So You Don’t Get Confused Anymore

Reviewing Sample Car Insurance Policies So You Don’t Get Confused Anymore

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As with other types of insurance, car insurance products are very important for protection. However, research first when deciding to buy insurance for your car, make sure you study examples of car insurance policies and sample car insurance agreement first, before checking the original insurance policy.

Many consider an insurance policy to be a fee paid to obtain insurance services. That statement is not correct because the insurance fee paid to the insurance company is called a premium, so it is not an insurance policy.

Well, so that our insight becomes wider and not mistaken in understanding the various types of protection that can be obtained, find out about the meaning of insurance and the following examples of car insurance policies, come on!

Example of a car insurance policy

What is meant by an insurance policy is proof of a written agreement between the insurance company or the insurer and the customer or the insured.

The insurance policy describes the rights and obligations of each party as agreed.

In other words, a car insurance policy is a written agreement between an insurance company and a customer that contains provisions related to the provisions for protection and car risks in the future.

There are rights and obligations of insurance companies and customers in detail in the policy.

It is important for us as customers to understand the entire contents of the insurance policy in order to avoid misunderstandings about the obligations borne by the insurer and our rights as customers.

For customers, insurance policies are also useful as written evidence when there is a risk and insurance claim submission, proof of premium payment, as well as evidence to sue the insurer in the event of negligence or not fulfilling the obligations as agreed.

The basics contained in an example of a car insurance policy

When reading the car insurance policy provided by the insurance company, check again the basic things that must be in the following policy.

1. Owner data in an example of a car insurance policy

This section must include the complete number of the car insurance policy, the full name and address of each party, the address of each party, and the period of insurance coverage.

2. Type of insurance coverage

In general, there are two types of car insurance, namely all risk (comprehensive) insurance and Total Loss Only (TLO). The car insurance policy must contain the type of insurance to be agreed upon.

Recognize the differences in obligations and rights between the two types of insurance. If necessary, ask further to the insurance so as not to misunderstand.

To help you choose which one is more suitable for you, please come along best car insurance quiz the following.

3. Car data

The type and price of the car or the year of purchase of the car can affect the amount of insurance premiums. Make sure to display the actual car data.

Take advantage

sharia car insurance so that you are guaranteed from expensive repair bills at the workshop while still prioritizing financial management according to sharia provisions.

4. Price agreement and premium payment

Usually insurance companies will estimate premiums based on car data. The policy will contain the price of the premium paid, as well as the period and method of premium payment that can be selected.

This article will explain the consequences of late or not paying premiums by the customer as well.

To estimate car insurance premiums, you can calculate them with the following car insurance premium calculator.

5. Coverage or guarantee

This part of the policy will provide further explanation regarding what the insurance company will cover. This article also explains what the customer must do and what is the period of time for submitting compensation to the insurance company.

6. Determination of compensation value

The car insurance policy will explain how much compensation will be paid if there is a risk or damage to the car.

There is also an explanation regarding the loss of compensation rights to customers, for example if they are late in applying for compensation at the specified time.

The determination of the value of compensation is generally divided into two broadly, namely partial damage and total damage.

7. Exceptions or limitations

This article contains the risks to the car or the determination of costs that will not be covered or are not covered by the insurance party.

8. Expansion of dependents in the example of a car insurance policy

Extension of coverage can be added to the car insurance policy if it is agreed to add to the basic coverage for more protection. For example, Third Party Liability (TPL) or legal obligations to third parties related to conditions that cause risks to cars.

However, some insurers have included this article in a standard car insurance policy.

Take advantage all risk car insurance so you don’t have to bother with repair shop bills, even get compensation for losses due to theft.

9. How to apply for compensation

Generally, this article will explain how the customer submits a claim for compensation and the supporting documents that must be included. For example, insurance policies along with Driver’s License (SIM) and Identity Card (KTP) of the driver at the time of the incident, Motorized Vehicle Owner’s Book (BPKP), Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK), purchase invoices and others.

10. Termination of coverage

This article describes the rights of each party to terminate the coverage. Generally, the request for termination of this coverage is made in writing by letter to the last known address. This article can also be followed by provisions regarding the rules for returning premiums from the insurance company to customers.

11. Dispute handling

In the event of a dispute or disagreement between the insurance company and the customer, the car insurance policy specifies what course of action to choose or what judicial institution can be asked to assist in mediating or adjudicating the dispute.

After knowing examples of car insurance policies and the things that need to be listed in them, don’t make the mistake of buying car insurance. Although you can also cancel the car insurance policy.

If you don’t understand, you should ask the insurance company further about examples of car insurance policies and sample car insurance agreement until you really understand it.

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Tips from Lifepal! Before buying an insurance product, you should first study the functions and insurance meaningterms in the police and recognize the various types of insurance in Indonesia so that you can get optimal benefits from the insurance of your choice later.

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You can use the emergency fund calculator below to calculate your age-appropriate emergency fund.

Benefits of having car insurance

To minimize expenses due to cheap car repair costs, immediately activate car insurance.

Car insurance will protect you financially from expensive repair shop bills. You don’t have to worry anymore because the insurance will cover the cost of repairing your favorite car up to 100%.

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Questions about examples of car insurance policies

Generally, the time it takes to process insurance claims and work on the workshop needs 3-5 days. Read more info here.

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