Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta
Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

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Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta – Relax, this time we have some recommendations for romantic places to stay in Jakarta. You can make it a special surprise by bringing your partner

The cool night air will make the atmosphere romantic. Of course this moment will not be forgotten.

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

Don’t worry, the night weather in the same place is not too good, you know. You can see in the image below.

List of Romantic Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

This industrial-style restaurant is decorated with romantic lights. You can sit back, exchange stories and enjoy the view of Jakarta.

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant with delicious food, you can visit Henshin which is located on the top floor.

This unique restaurant features large windows that surround the dining area. You and your partner can enjoy a relaxed dinner in the beautiful atmosphere of the capital city.

This restaurant is famous for its mix of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. You can order the main menu, namely Ceviche Clasico, fish marinated in lime with Peruvian peppers that treat the tongue.

Romantic Dinner Places In Jakarta For Candlelight Dinner

If you choose a place to eat at home, you can immediately see the beautiful view of the capital city through the large windows.

You can order Indonesian dishes from the menu, such as the Lombok Ijo duck and Soto Lamongan. In addition, there is a menu

This Italian-style restaurant is located in the Kemang area of ​​Jakarta. If you want a nice cozy atmosphere, you can take your partner to the same restaurant.

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

This restaurant is not very spacious, but can provide a pleasant view because it is full of cool views.

The Most Recommended Romantic Places in Jakarta

If you want a casual but romantic dinner without a big budget, you can take your partner to the same restaurant.

The dishes that are most often ordered at Rooftop Cafe are Bordeaux Grilled Chicken and Thaiwangan Chicken, Indonesia.

Always carry medical equipment to protect yourself, such as the tips below that you can only find in Jakarta. Interesting restaurants, cheap cafes, romantic restaurants. Some romantic restaurants in Jakarta can be the right choice for those of you who are planning a romantic dinner with your partner. For those who like a romantic beach atmosphere, where you can hear the sound of the waves and the sea breeze, you should try this romantic restaurant in North Jakarta. Don’t worry about the taste of the food at the following restaurants, it’s guaranteed to be delicious and interesting. What are you waiting for, let’s check out this summary of seven romantic restaurants in North Jakarta and immediately plan a romantic evening with your partner!

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Kitchen & Lounge is a fast food restaurant located in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. They offer both Western and Chinese food. The weather is perfect and it’s a great place, guys! They serve alcoholic drinks and beer and also have live music ?

Rooftop Restaurant In Jakarta With Romantic View

The place is decorated with Balinese flowers and beads, giving off an idol island atmosphere with deafening traditional music. I ordered a drink and enjoyed the cool breeze from the beach outside.

Eat while enjoying the view of Ancol Beach. We can sit outside or inside. If it’s just the two of us and want to be private and romantic, we can sit on the blue rattan chairs in the first row overlooking the sea.

This restaurant is perfect for beach lovers because it is close to the beach. There is also live music and you can search for songs and you can celebrate your birthday, usually a song will be played and the staff will surprise you with fireworks.

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

The space is spacious, the interior is very pleasant, beautiful with a sea theme, blue color in the room decoration. The interior is comfortable and the exterior is spacious. There is also a dining area surrounded by a pond with koi fish.

On New Year’s Eve These 5 Rooftop Restaurants Can Be Romantic Places

You are guaranteed to love the beach. I have been here twice and I always choose the last table, which is directly on the water and the boat will sit. However, I enjoy sitting here for long periods of time and talking. Then, even without air conditioning, it’s still cool with the sea breeze

Very peaceful atmosphere. I have a table and 1 more. It’s a good place if it’s a quiet gathering hehehe. The atmosphere itself is nice and you meet someone sitting in front of the window. The service is also good and responsive.

6 Cheap Shabu-Shabu in Jakarta You Can’t Avoid! 6 24-hour restaurants in South Jakarta for those who are often hungry in the middle of the night. When you live in a big city, you may want to live with your partner. To be more special, you can invite your partner to spend the night

SKYE Bar & Restaurant is located at Menara BCA. Rooms offer views of Jakarta city lights. The western menu is dominant in this place.

Instagramable and Contemporary Hangout Places in South Jakarta

Located in Westin Jakarta, Henshin is one of the best restaurants in Indonesia. Bar and lounge on the 67th floor and elegant restaurant on the 68th and 69th floors.

The atmosphere is romantic, especially at night when the lights of the capital are shining. There are more private places to eat with your partner.

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Sky Garden Cafe is located on the rooftop of Rasuna Icon Hotel. This place offers a place of comfort, home and love. The menu is very affordable.

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

Cloud Lounge & Dining offers 360-degree city views from the rooftop of Plaza Business Tower. This place offers a variety of special menus

Bogor Restaurant with Cool View & Romantic Feel

You and your partner will immediately fall in love as soon as you enter the Potpourri atmosphere. With a friendly atmosphere, Jalan Teuk Cik Ditiro No. Located at 35 Menteng, this restaurant is usually the place for romantic parties.

And enjoy the romance at Jetski Cafe. This place is located on Mutiara Beach in North Jakarta. They cater to both Indonesian and Western professionals.

Potato Head Garage is a luxury restaurant with a modern concept. The dining room has a romantic atmosphere. This restaurant offers European, Japanese and Australian menus.

Fairmont Jakarta. You and your partner will be taken to a room with a glass dome. Very boring, right?

Recommended Places to Hang Out or Capes in Jakarta that are Instagrammable

Enmaru is perfect for those of you who want to dine with a typical Japanese menu. Located in the Plaza office tower, this restaurant has a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Wilshire is a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere. A variety of European and Italian specialties are available.

Very popular in Jakarta. The cozy and romantic atmosphere makes this restaurant a favorite to order with your partner.

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

Frequently nominated for an International Restaurant Award, the taste of the food at Amuz Gourmet cannot be overstated.

Recommended Malls That Are Suitable For Dating In Jakarta

Scusa Trattoria & Grill has a cozy and romantic atmosphere with beautiful interiors. You must dress well when you come here.

Altitude Grill is also located in the Plaza office tower. You can enjoy the view of HI Circle Park. The best seat in this place is near the window, don’t forget to make a reservation!

Ta Plataran City Forest offers three main destinations – Plataran Tiga Dari, Ruma Kaka Melati and Pidari Lunge. All three have their own characteristics and are perfect for romantic parties with addicted Indonesian professionals.

Segarra is the perfect place to enjoy the cool weather on the beach. This Ancol Beach restaurant has a menu of Indonesian specialties,

The Best Rooftop in Jakarta

It is recommended for a romantic dinner in Jakarta that you can enjoy with your partner. Have plans to make memories with loved ones? Indeed, a romantic restaurant in Jakarta is something that many couples want to spend time with at dinner. The menu offered is also very tasty and delicious. it is a safe place from sorrow and love. Here are some places to eat that can be used as an alternative.

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The romantic dinner above can be the right choice to pamper your partner. Sky offers a place for a romantic dinner while enjoying the high sky in Jakarta. SKYE also has the option of enjoying meals at home. You Bare M No Tamrin. 1, Menteng, Jakarta.

Skybridge Lounge Bar 33 degrees offers a romantic dinner with views of the sea or Jakarta city. True to its name; The 33 degree Skybridge Lounge Bar is divided into two sections, the dining area and the bar which are connected by a bridge. Relaxing during the day with your partner can also be done with a romantic dinner at the same place, Level 33 Skybridge Lounge & Bar located at Aston Marina Mediterranean Tower, 33rd Floor, Jalan Lodan Raya 2A Ankol, North Jakarta.

Romantic Hangout Places in Jakarta

Another option for a romantic dinner at high altitude is La Vue at the Hermitage. La Vue is located on the 9th floor of the Hermitage, in the prestigious Menteng district. There’s a lot of romance in the evening, although an afternoon or evening visit to La Vue can be fun and memorable. A variety of menus can be ordered at La Vue, from satay to tartufo pizza. You can visit this unique and prestigious restaurant at Ermitage, Jalan Cilacap No. You can access 1 Menteng, Jakarta.

Romantic Dinner Places in Jakarta to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Dankali Garage Jakarta is a restaurant with a modern, stylish and elegant concept; different from the restaurant with the same name in Bali. The beautiful and romantic interior is immediately visible thanks to the modern furniture and chandeliers that adorn the ceiling. Designed for soft light, this room exudes a romantic atmosphere. At Potato Head Garage, you can enjoy American, European, Japanese and Australian specialties. The advantage of this restaurant is the selection of different wines or the best wine if it is chosen as a romantic dinner place. Garaza Potato Restaurant

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