Root Formulas in Excel (Powers 2, 3, 4) and How to Use It
Root Formulas in Excel (Powers 2, 3, 4) and How to Use It

Root Formulas in Excel (Powers 2, 3, 4) and How to Use It

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Root Formulas in Excel – Microsoft Excel software has many formulas that users can use, including the root formula in Excel which makes it easy to calculate data. In mathematics itself, we know many arithmetic operations, such as add, subtract, multiply and divide which are certainly familiar.

These arithmetic operations are also often done in everyday life when buying goods or when you work that requires these arithmetic operations and uses formulas in Excel. In addition to counting numbers, you will also struggle with the world of calculating nominal money.

It’s true that since our school we are taught to know many formulas that we can describe when calculating, but if you are on a digital device, it’s a different way. You can quickly calculate the amount of data by using the following formulas, let’s see the explanation.

Introduction What is a Root Formula in Excel?

Introduction What is a Root Formula in Excel

There are many root formulas in Excel that you can apply in mathematical calculations found. Before knowing what its functions are, let’s first look at the theory of the root formula in Excel which will be useful when you memorize the root formula.

What is Root Form?

The form will be a part of an irrational number but the result is neither a rational nor an irrational number. This root form has many types ranging from square roots to infinity that can be used.

Like the square root or square root is the reciprocal of the square root of a number. For example, if X= to =y.


The root formula symbol in Excel is different from the root symbol used for manual calculation operations. The symbol itself has a shape like a small r but has a long line at the top.

The long symbol at the top is to write the number or number of numbers that will be rooted by another number that is outside the root. This root symbol was first proposed by Christof Rudolff.

Properties of Compute Operations

If you study root functions in mathematics and arithmetic operations much more, then later you discover some properties in their calculations. This property is used in calculating the root function in Excel.

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Formulas on Roots in Excel

Formulas on Roots in Excel

Not only the root formula in Excel that you can find and use in a table and column in Excel, but there are many other formulas that you can use to make it easier to calculate numbers and numbers in Microsoft Excel later.

There are many function libraries that you can use to calculate numbers when you are in the world of work and require quick calculations so that your work is also completed quickly. Various names and functions according to their use, let’s look at the following series of formulas.

I myself

In this AutoSum formula, you will find a section that works for numbers that require addition formulas, averages, maximum values, minimum values ​​and automatic sum calculations in one Excel column. The method is quite easy with just the AutoSum formula.

The implementation is simply selecting one of the menus in AutoSum in the last cell of a certain column. This formula is useful for those of you who work as teachers to determine the average value of students, and calculate the addition quickly automatically with only one Excel column.


You can use this Logical Formula function for calculations in Excel. You can even see the formulas in the logical group, namely, IF, AND, FALSE, NOT TRUE, IFERROR and so on.


Not only for ordinary calculations, the root formula in Excel can also be used to calculate Financial. Microsoft Excel can be used to perform direct financial calculations. Such as calculating the number of assets in certain products in certain periods.


In addition, there are also text calculations other than numbers that change data in the form of text in Excel through the ”Text” function group.

Search and Reference

The root formula function in Excel Lookup and Reference allows you to retrieve data from other tables to be entered into certain data groups using the vlookup or hlookup functions in the lookup and reference function groups.

Date and time

In Excel not only for the calculation of numbers or amounts, but can also be used to calculate a certain period of time. With Excel you can use the date and time functions. There are various functions that belong to this group, namely DAY, DATE, DATEVALUE, MONTH and others.

math and trigonometry

Furthermore, you can find the root formula in Excel in the math and trig function groups such as mathematics to trigonometry. Not only roots, you can also find many mathematical arithmetic operations in Excel such as cosine, sine, radian to log.

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How to Calculate Using Root Formulas in Excel

How to Calculate Using Formulas

2 Roots

To calculate square roots, the easiest way to do this is to use the SQRT formula. You just need to enter the SQRT formula with the numbers you are going to calculate, then you will find the results immediately. =SQRT(the number you want to take the square root of).

There are other ways, namely using the POWER formula or writing the square manually, only using the ^ sign. You just need to enter the numbers in the formula. =POWER (the number you want to root, then square, ). How easy enough is not the formula?

Root Level 3

Similar to the square root of 2, the root formula in Excel for the power of 3 also uses the SQRT formula which requires entering the numbers in the formula. =SQRT (the number you want to take the square root of). For example like =64^(1/3). Then the result will come out.

You can do the same for several other ranks. The key in the correct square is the cube root of 3 or 1/3 must be in parentheses so the result will automatically come out. You can immediately put this formula into practice.

Root of Degree 4

You can also practice the square root of 4 with the 2 and 3 root formulas above. The key is you need to know only the SQRT formula and embed brackets in the square number. If it is pinned then the results will automatically come out.

It’s not too difficult, but you have to memorize the formula and the key of the square. Pretty easy isn’t it? Apply to the other squares.

There are several logic and root formulas in Excel that are useful to apply in everyday life and make work easier. If you work that requires using Microsoft Excel, then the root and exponent formulas above can be useful for your next work.

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It’s not too difficult, you only need to memorize the root formula then automatically, you can directly apply some of the formulas described above and enter the numbers in the formula. Hopefully the method above can be useful.

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