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Sammathame . Movie Reviews: After three consecutive hits—Raaja Vaaru Raani Vaaram, SP Kalyana Mandapam, and Sebastian—Kiran Abbavaram’s latest family drama, Sammathame, looks new and promising as well as conveys the impression of a conventional family drama. It also stated that this is the first time filmmakers have tried to make an Indian family romance drama.

Sammathame . Movie Reviews


Krishna, a man from the middle class, lost his mother when he was little. He has many problems to solve. Since he needed someone to look after him, he planned to get married as soon as possible. During the engagement process, he meets a woman named Saanvi, played by Chandini Chowdary, who is very different from Krishna. The fact that Krishna cares a lot for Saanvi is a source of tension in the couple’s relationship.

Cast & Crew

Kiran Abbavaram and Chandini Chowdary both star in the film Sammathame, which is directed by Gopinath Reddy. The film is produced by Kankanalal Praveena, and Sateesh Reddy Masam is the director of photography. Shekar Chandra is the composer, and Kankanalal Praveena is the producer.

Cast & Crew

Movie Name Samathame
Director Gopinath Reddy
music director Shekar Chandra
Producer Kankanala Praveena
Genre Family Drama, Romantic
Cast Kiran Abbavaram, Chandini Chowdary
Editor Viplav Nyshadam

Movie verdict

Within the first ten minutes of the film, it becomes clear that Sammathame is nothing more than a standard love story, despite the fact that marketing for the film claims that it tells an original story.
The film’s climax was successful, as evidenced by its discussion in an interview and its successful on-screen presentation. First, there were some hilarious conversations, followed by a public demonstration of their love for each other. Dealing with one’s feelings can leave one with the impression that something is missing from their life.
While it’s good that the film provides an original take on romantic relationships, the director could have done more to emphasize that this is the most important aspect of the film.
Since Kiran Abbavaram had previously played people of the middle class in other roles, he was able to play the role of Krishna with relative ease. Chandini’s character, on the other hand, is as one-dimensional and unattractive as Saanvi. Nevertheless, the other actors did a wonderful job in their respective roles.
Gopinath Reddy makes a valid point, but the writing is boring and uninteresting to read.
Sammathame ran into a number of technical issues, but the cinematography that Sateesh Reddy Masam provided was just adequate. On the other hand, Shekar Chandra’s score for the backdrop of this film is fantastic, and the reason for that is to help elevate the mood of the film.
Visit Sammathame if you like reading stories about love and family as it has lots of both.

Rating: 3/5

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