Selected Producer Calls Cast and Crew Death and Injury Video CCTV Footage
Selected Producer Calls Cast and Crew Death and Injury Video CCTV Footage

Selected Producer Calls Cast and Crew Death and Injury Video CCTV Footage

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It is very disturbing to hear about the tragedy that a Van from the production house RedRum, crashed and resulted in the deaths of two famous artists. Not only that, several crew members were also injured. Yes, we are talking about the famous web series from Netflix, “Chosen One”. The two actors had previously worked on the comic “Ameican Jesus” and were killed when the van crashed on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula last Thursday. Six cast or crew members were also seriously injured. The van transported crew members and cast to the local airport from Santa Rosalia, Baja California and there is no indication that all safety measures were being ignored, said RedRum, the production house behind the web series.

The van collided and overturned after running off the highway. The accident occurred in a desert region near Mulege, southeast of Santa Rosalia, local media reported. Production was halted, said a well-known producer who was not allowed to speak publicly. The Baja California Ministry of Culture said the actors who died were identified as Juan Francisco Gonzalez Aguilar, officially known as Paco Mufote, and Raymundo Garduno Cruz.

Selected Producer Names Cast and Crew Deaths

Netflix also said this Monday that “We are deeply distressed after hearing about this accident and the deaths of great actors Ray Garduno and Juan Francisco Gonzalez from this unfortunate accident. Our condolences to their loved ones as well as those who were injured during this sad accident. One of the van’s passengers Yeray Albelda, a 37-year-old actor, said all crew and cast including him and the two actors who died would plan to spend their free time at home in Tijuana as they had taken a week off.

Some people from the crew said that this accident happened because the driver was sleep deprived and it was also said that their driver was too tired so this accident happened. But Albelda said in the name of this statement that she never listened to any objections or complaints about tired drivers and she said that new drivers had worked while tired ones rested.

Two Dead, Six Injured in Accident Involving Cast

He also mentioned in his statement that he saw no punctured tires or exposed wires. “Paco is kind, gentle, caring, has a sensitive heart and this shows in his work. he is loved by many people including me” said Faizel Lutchmedial, the screenwriter who worked with Mufote on the 2021 short film “Beneath Us”. Stay connected for more information and updates.

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