“She Seems to Know…”-About to Give Birth, Sheera Iskandar Embroidered with Sad Feelings

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Series actors Special Motion, Sheera Iskandar who is waiting for the day to give birth admits to being excited to welcome the birth of her baby.

But at the same time, he also expressed sadness while his father and father -in -law could not look at their grandson’s face.

This is because, both have returned to rahmatullah in February and Ramadan this year due to old age.

“In our joy, there is also a feeling of sadness when remembering the passing of the late father, Tengku Iskandar on 28 February.

“Meanwhile, the father-in-law (Abdul Gani Molek) died in the middle of the fasting month (April 15) recently.

“They didn’t have time to see their grandchildren, but they did have time to tell them that I was pregnant.

“At that time, my father was very, very happy. Husband’s father also showed us a scan of the baby. But his face was as if he knew he would leave before his grandson was born, “said Sheera.

Earlier, she married Mohd Halim on May 3 last year and had the opportunity to celebrate Syawal in her husband’s village in Melaka on the first Eid.

According to the migratory calendar, Sheera and her husband celebrated their first wedding anniversary

“After work, we returned to Melaka for a while to celebrate with Halim’s mother and visit his father -in -law’s grave.

“Preparations for childbirth are not yet complete. This is the first child, so we do not yet know what to buy.

“Thankfully, I do not crave nonsense. In addition, my sense of taste and smell are affected due to Covid-19 infection, ”he said. – BOOM!

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