Small Android phone suddenly finds market in Japan NewzAcid
Small Android phone suddenly finds market in Japan NewzAcid

Small Android phone suddenly finds market in Japan NewzAcid

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Despite Balmuda’s past history, the company is perhaps best known for its products such as electric kettle grills and relatively expensive electric kettles. So what happens when a fashionable design company needs to jump into the smartphone market? He made his smartphone, actually. The Balmuda Phone launched in Japan in late 2021, and due to poor reception, it was allegedly discontinued just months after its launch.

Apart from this, smartphones continue to be offered in stores and can be purchased on contract or not. So how did a poorly earned phone get a second probability? They are directed by the people who promote them. Apart from being marketed as a high-end Balmuda, it is being offered as a good compact and inexpensive smartphone for the first time. Better yet, the phone costs almost nothing once you buy it on a contract basis. You can probably see how exciting it can be to grow at this rate. For many, this is enough to make a sale. But is the tiny smartphone known as the Balmuda any good? Let’s find out.

Palmoda Phone: Specifications

Palmoda Phone


Dimensions and weight

123mm x 69mm x 13.7mm | 138 grams


4.9 inch LCD screen with Full HD resolution


RAM and Storage

6GB RAM + 128GB Internal Storage

Battery is charging

USB-C cable charging
Wi-Fi Charging
Charger cannot be included


In-display fingerprint scanner

more digital camera

Entrance digital camera


My voice


5G – n3/n28/m77/n78
LTE – Band 1/2/3/4/8/12/17/18/19/28/41/42
3G – 1/2/4/5/8 . band
GSM – 850/900/1800/1900


Different Options

Palmoda phone: design

The back of the system has a different look, as it has a round energy button/fingerprint sensor on the left side and the camera lens on the right side. There may be a speaker grille and flash between the amenities button and the digital camera, with a small LED indicator placed right next to the digital camera. Think about my surprise the first time I received the message and saw it blink: That’s nice because it’s not something you usually see these days. Unfortunately, when trying the settings menu, there’s no way to adjust the colors or modes, so you’ll still be caught with a subtle white light for all alerts.

With its smaller dimensions, gentle curves and a weight of 138g, the Moda phone should really feel comfortable in the hand. The system hugs the palm of your hand and, to be believed, looks like an alternative to what I use when dealing with smartphones. The phone is made of plastic, which seems a bit cheap in 2022, and the textured floor on the back provides enough grip for a comfortable feel. Oddly enough, Balmuda’s meticulously crafted design is one thing I can’t quite admire, perhaps due to years of consistently using square plates that dig themselves into the palm of my hand.

For environmental safety, Balmuda Phone is officially IPX4 rated. This system is accepted for use close to water and will splash frequently, however it cannot be submerged and is not considered waterproof. The rating also means it will definitely protect against sweat.

Palmoda Phone: software program

The Balmuda Phone comes preloaded with Android 11, and as of July 2022 has got a June 2022 security replacement. Since it’s a branded system, some carrier-specific apps are included that aren’t part of Android, but aren’t. disturb. The expertise of Android 11 is clear with a few touches added by Balmuda here and there. These “touches” are one of the amazing aspects of cell phone software because they are extra considerate.

The ‘Stripe’ capability is an eye-catching part of the home screen display, giving customers quick access to shortcuts by swiping on lines that may be arranged in the background. You can set the performance bar to perform predefined gestures or set it to launch your favorite apps. Better yet, it is customizable. You can change the strain to suit the right or left hand grip, or you can disable it altogether. You can also adjust the colors to suit your emotions.

balmuda ribbon

Balmuda has widgets and companion instruments such as schedules, clocks, notes, and calculators. That’s nothing new, as most phones have this app, but Balmuda’s use is great. For example, in the “Scheduler” utility, the design is beautiful and intuitive. You can pinch to zoom in and out of your schedule, and show your day, week, and even monthly schedule. There’s also a built-in climate, which shows what the climate was like the previous week in the calendar view.

Palmoda App

drawing the Balmuda way

The clock app is cute too, providing time, climate integration, stopwatch, alarm and countdown timer. It’s exhausting to explain, but the feel and look makes for a truly elegant experience. The same goes for the notes and calculator apps, where a small touch gives you a little extra energy than your usual apps on other devices. The sound design can also be captivating, with elegant and fun tones for ringtones, notifications, and even charging. Everyone can have their wish with these kinds of things, but for a first attempt, Balmuda included it, which provided an interesting and unforgettable experience.

Palmoda Phone: Digital Camera and Convenience

Digital cameras are an essential part of any smartphone arsenal. Without the right digital camera, the phone might just be the PRAYER for many savvy customers. If you are someone who needs beautiful pictures from your smartphone, then Balmuda Phone is not for you. It has a single 48MP digital camera, which means that you may be limited in the types of pictures and movies you take.

Perhaps what’s amazing about this phone is that it doesn’t work well in shiny environments. Enabling HDR helps by standards but seeing the kind of high quality from a new smartphone is a bit gruesome. As you might think, it doesn’t go well when the lighting is going to be dim. For individuals who like the power to connect with a digital camera setup, many of these options don’t exist. At best, you can select a mode consisting of movie, picture, disc, picture, and night time scene. I have my opinion, but I overlooked some of the pattern drawings so it’s up to you to decide.

When watching movies on Balmuda, the smaller screen display doesn’t look unhealthy. But a space that wants charm is sound. The only speaker on the back isn’t enough and can exercise your muscle memory from years past, sticking to the back of the phone to direct sound forward. If this is not enough, the sound will not be clear and can usually be distorted when performed at a higher volume. It’s not the worst factor in the world, but those looking to use this as an instrument of media consumption may want to look elsewhere. Also, this system doesn’t have an audio jack, as Bluetooth and a USB-C audio line are the only options.

Palmoda Phones: Battery and Efficiency

The Balmuda Phone doesn’t pack the fastest SoC and even the most important battery; In everyday use, it shows. While the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor is the best for the most part, you can usually actually feel and even notice a slight tremor or stutter from time to time while scrolling through web pages, watching YouTube, or playing games.

As far as the 2500mAh battery goes, it might last a day. Let’s say you are a regular consumer like me. In this case, you will most likely use your phone for a few hours to stream music, shop online, use some gentle social media with apps like Instagram and Twitter, and usually send messages with apps like WhatsApp, Voice, Slack, and so on. The best way you can use your phone, you’ll get through the day without a loss, but you might feel a little nervous once you’re left with only about 30 batteries left.

If you are an energy consumer, you will be dealing with navigation, taking pictures and movies, watching movies like YouTube, taking calls and extras on top of traditional skills. With this type of use, you may be able to anticipate the battery exceeding its limit, leaving around less than 10 pc at the end of the day. Luckily, you should have the option of charging your phone via a USB-C cable or wirelessly.

final idea

Balmuda in Japan is considered to provide designer items such as toasters, vacuum cleaners, electric kettles and more. While not always the most reasonable value, there are the following. Unfortunately, the company went looking with Balmuda Phones and tried to deal with the smartphone company like any other business, but to no avail.

With that said, there is a market in Japan for smaller smartphones. The Balmuda Phone is perhaps one of the best examples, with several different gadgets such as the Rakuten Mini and Sharp (an easy smartphone). While these phones are not typically marketed as compact smartphones, they are marketed with ease of use and first-time consumers in mind. Despite studies of the extremely high value for the Balmuda phone, since then, the phone’s value has dropped quite a bit and can be purchased for less than $200. Furthermore, the phone is only a penny when you sign a contract with a wi-fi service.

Palmoda Phone

However I believe that even at the cost of being modified, it is a useful system that many will not decide. Plus, when you come to the mid-range market, which is where Balmuda should be sitting, there are plenty of higher-end options on the market. I don’t think any firm outsider in the phone trade has demonstrated a truly profitable product. The house may be very aggressive, and matters are bound to go wrong without a steady footing. Hopefully this can be a lesson not only for Balmuda but also for others, and maybe one day we will get a powerful smartphone from an outside company that tries it.

So that you have a nice little phone, consider choosing the Asus Zenfone 9 as a replacement.

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