Story & How Old Is Estes Mobile Legends (ML)?
Story & How Old Is Estes Mobile Legends (ML)?

Story & How Old Is Estes Mobile Legends (ML)?

Posted on – Estes is a Mobile Legends hero who occupies the Support role with Regen/Guard Specialization. The popularity of the Estes hero continues to increase after OhMyV3nus, Blacklist International players often use it in the Philippines MPL and M3 World Championship events. That’s why it’s interesting on this occasion for us to know how old and how the story of the hero Estes Mobile Legends.

Estes is told as the leader of the Emerald Woodland country who has a unique power in healing. In order to protect the Emerald Woodland, Estes along with another Elf, namely Miya, work together to protect their homeland from the attacks of the Orc forces led by the Blood Demon Queen.

Story & How Old Is Estes Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Story & How Old Is Estes Mobile Legends (ML)?

In the story, Estes starts from the residence of the Moon Elves which is located in the western part of Moonlake. There lies the legendary Emerald Woodland and the area is renowned as the birthplace of the first generation of Elves. It was said that every descendant of the Elf King was born in the tree of life which was right in the middle of the Emerald Forest. Esther was the elven King of the current generation and she was the original Elf who inhabited the kingdom of the Emerald Forest.

Estes is the figure of the Elf king who has unique characteristics and has a pretty great ability to heal people with his healing abilities. But it is a pity because in the second great war, Estes was so badly injured that she fell fast asleep in the middle of the Emerald Forest to heal. The Moon Elves lost the figure of a great king at this time.

When the war between humans and orcs broke out, Miya had to survive and protect the land and the surviving Moon Elves. But it was very difficult to do because the darkness and evil of the Dark Abyss had secretly possessed several Moon Elves. Many of them were seduced by the Blood Queen, as well as Alice. In the end, several young Moon Elves fell and submitted to Alice’s rule.

In a very chaotic state, in the midst of a thunderstorm and strong winds, Estes who had been asleep finally woke up. Estes looks very angry because something bad has happened. With her Moonlight powers, Estes vowed to protect the entire territory and her Moon Elf tribe with all her might.

So how old is the hero Estes in Mobile Legends? Regarding this, unfortunately Moonton as the developer did not mention the age of each of these heroes. However, we estimate his current age to be around 21 – 25 years.

Thus a review of the story and how old it is Estes Mobile Legends?. May be useful.

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