Synopsis Melur For Firdaus Episode 10

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Currently, there are a lot of the latest series that have been aired, one of which is Melur For Firdaus which is a Malaysian drama with a very interesting storyline.

Now the Melur For Firdaus series has entered episode 10 which will be the target material that fans in Malaysia and Indonesia have been waiting for all this time.

Well, in order to reduce your curiosity a little, here the admin will explain the synopsis of Melur For Firdaus which has entered episode 10, which is as follows.

Synopsis Melur For Firdaus Episode 10

The love story of Melur and Firdaus is getting more and more exciting to listen to, after the arrival of a third person until Melur’s fate is reportedly sick.

Synopsis Melur Untuk Firdaus episode 10: After failing to make Melur’s heart warm, now Dee meets Firdaus’ father and tells him that his son-in-law is like a mentally ill.

Melur’s lack of illness is taken advantage of by Dee, who is not willing to see his past lover, Firdaus living happily with his legal wife.

Firdaus’s father’s suspicion of Melur’s disease began to increase, when he received a complaint from Dee who deliberately made everyone noisy, by taking advantage of Melur’s shortcomings.

Dee’s cunning attitude was carried out when she accidentally bumped into Melur who had just come from the pharmacy in front of Firdaus, this was done by Dee so that Fir would know that his wife often buys medicine.

Surprisingly, Dee’s plan failed to reveal Melur’s secret because Fir seemed to pay attention to Melur and thought Dee’s actions were above normal.

Melur sad, Fir tried to calm his wife for the attitude that treats him like that. This time, Melur seemed really disappointed and hurt her husband.

Actually Fir has fallen in love with his wife, even though they were met because of an arranged marriage, but Firdaus is still proud to admit it.

Meanwhile, Harris who saw Melur fell from a distance looked emotional because of Fir and Dee’s treatment. Will Harris teach Firdaus a lesson like he did when Melur made Fir and Dee cry when celebrating their anniversary?

For those of you who want to watch Melur For Firdaus, you can watch it directly through the Disney+ Hotstar application and TV3 Malaysia.

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