Synopsis of Melur for Paradise 2022

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Synopsis Melur For Paradise

PRICEBELANJA.COM – The following is the full synopsis of Melur for Firdaus. Melur for Firdaus is a series from Malaysia which tells the story of Firdaus who is married to a woman named Melur. The role of Firdaus is Meerqeen, while Melur is played by Anna Jobling.

Since the appearance of this series in the first episode, many netizens are interested in the story. Even the series from Malaysia was able to attract the attention of the Indonesian people. The series, which was released on May 27, 2022, was able to attract the attention of the public. With the romantic and comedy genres, the storyline will not bore the audience.

Synopsis Jasmine for Paradise

The Melur for Firdaus series tells the story of Firdaus who is betrothed to Melur. However, Firdaus refuses because he already has a girlfriend named Dee. Firdaus’ parents set a 48-hour requirement for persuading Dee to marry. However, Dee refused Firdaus’ request on the grounds that he was not ready to marry.

With that, Firdaus resigned and agreed to his parents’ request to marry Melur. This woman who actually has feelings for Firdaus feels that her love is one sided. He keeps trying to get Firdaus’ heart.

After that, the wedding took place and Firdaus was surprised to see Melur’s beautiful face. He was amazed and did not expect to have such a beautiful wife. Melur also gave conditions to Firdaus not to interfere with her husband’s relationship with Dee. This is because his second marriage has not been known by Dee.

The two of them lead married life without Dee knowing. Melur also continues to try to attract her husband’s attention every day. Remembering Firdaus’ love is still for Dee, who was his previous lover.

Synopsis Melur for Firdaus Episode 19

Synopsis Melur For Paradise

Currently, the Melur for Firdaus series enters episode 19. Firdaus has a secret relationship behind his wife’s back. It is likely that the story of this series will show a lot of conflict between Melur and Firdaus because several nights he did not come home due to overtime, but what he actually did was go with Dee.

In the previous episode, Dee came to give food to Firdaus, she met Karl, Firdaus’ office friend. He gave a satire to Dee who continued to pursue Firdaus because he already had a wife. It was revealed that it was useless to chase Firdaus because he had slept with Melur many times as his wife.

After Dee and Firdaus met, Dee cried after hearing Firdaus breaking his promise. Dee intends to go to Malacca to stay away from Firdaus, this is because it is useless if the man she is waiting for does not love her. Firdaus also doesn’t want to let Dee go and doesn’t want to leave Melur, who is legally his wife.

Not wanting to disappoint Dee, Firdaus goes with him and has to lie to his wife. While feeling restless, Melur suddenly received a message from Dee that her husband was with her. This made him even more worried. Melur, who already felt that Firdaus had forgotten about Dee, still couldn’t.

Finally Melur returned to her parents’ house to cover all her household problems. Melur feels that she can’t handle her husband’s behavior anymore. The two of them got into a fight which caused the household to break even further.

Jasmine For Heaven

For those who want to watch the continuation of the story, you can watch it on TV3 or Disney Hotstar at 9 pm. Will Firdaus get back with Dee or keep his household for Melur? So that you are not curious, you can see the story as a whole.

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